Christmas Sawzall

liebschienNovember 17, 2009

Hey everyone, I'm not sure if i am posting in the right area, but I'll confess. I am a girl and i know barely anything about tools... My husband so desperately wants a sawzall for Christmas, and with Black Friday coming up i want to get a great deal. Here's my question....

What is a good brand, and how many volts?

Please help, as i have no clue what I'm doing! Thank you for taking the time to read this and maybe even help me out!

Happy Holidays!


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If your husband will use it regularly,( if he works in the trades), you can't beat a Milwaukee. The correct term for the sawzall is reciprocating saw. Sawzall is the name of the Milwuakee, so that tells you something right there. Milwaukees are pricy. If only for occasional use, something from Home depot such as a Ryobi should be fine. Cordless reciprocating saws are fine for quick projects, but run out of battery for extended projects, so imo, it's one of those tools that you should have as a corded tool. Makita and dewalt are quality tools as well. Here's some from Amazon:

Here is a link that might be useful: amazon

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Milwaukee is a very good brand. I also am a big fan of Ridgid brand tools. In addition to great quality and durability, one of the other advantages with Ridgid is that their tools come with a 3-year warranty, and since 2005 they have had a special offer of a free lifetime warranty for any Ridgid hand held power tool, stationary power tool, or pneumatic tool that you register with them within 90 days of purchase. I took a look at Amazon, and they sell Ridgid reciprocating saws for about $100.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ridgid warranty

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For a homeowner, get the 18V ryobi from HD. Get an entire Kit (drill/driver, flashlight saws-all, circular saw, etc). Spend a little more for lithium battery, but not required for a home owner. I have had my set (heavey DIYer) for 6 yeas and have had no issues with it, and they have taken a beating.

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I like my corded (120v) DeWalt, but I usually have power available.
For a cordless, I'd want one that uses the same battery as my other cordless tools (18v).

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Sawzall is Milwaukee Tools trademarked name for that particular category of tool although the name has been pretty much synonymous, much like Kleenex is for facial tissue. A reciprocating saw is kind of a specialized tool, most often used for demolition and "old work" type projects where materials need to be hacked away without a lot of precision. With that said, you mentioned voltage so I'm going to assume you want a cordless tool. Generally speaking and all things equal, more voltage means more power and longer working time between recharges.

The biggest concern I have with cordless tools, especially for occasional use is that inevitably the battery is dead when you need to use it. It would be great if you could find a saw that uses the same battery that one of his existing tools uses. That way it's more likely to be charged when he needs to use the saw. In any case, make sure the saw has two batteries so that one can be in the charger while the other is in use.

Unless your husband is planning on regular use, has a compelling reason for a cordless tool, and/or has another tool that could use the same battery, I think he would be best served with a corded model.

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Pete and Repeat crossing the bridge, Pete fell off, who was left?

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Hey now!!
Girls can know about tools.
(but it would be nice if they made tools
with smaller handgrips..)

I LOVE my Milwaukee Sawsall. I even used it to cut the branches from the trees after the hurricanes, after they got the electricity back on.
I find that the cordless sawsall usually runs out of power too_soon, so I didn't buy the sawsall with a battery.

If your DH is going to be using the sawsall a lot, buy electric (with a long extension cord). If it will not be used a lot, like Mike says, buy something that he can use
his existing batteries from other power tools in the new

best of luck.

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I have been debating which one to purchase for a while. I will probably go with a Milwaukee, but haven't narrowed down on a model yet. The attached link shows a number of options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recip saws tool review

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I would love my Porter Cable saw even if it did not reciprocate.

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