Covering up a tile backsplash?

ChatsworthMay 17, 2013

The kitchen in the house we're buying has small 1/2" square tiles as the backsplash. Needless to say we hate it and would rather have something smooth and easy to clean BUT there's no room in the budget (ever) for doing anything in the kitchen except replacing the existing range/switching the OTR micro for a real range hood, and replacing the flooring. The cabinets and Corian counter are fine and will remain... we just REALLY hate the backsplash.

Btw, even though the pic makes it look as if the tile matches the countertop... it doesn't, in real life. The tiles are definitely yellow and the countertop is cream. The tiles are also the ONLY yellow thing in the room. Another reason for covering them up, LOL

Any suggestions for covering up the ugly tile with something smooth, thin and easily cleanable? We did look at those faux-metal backsplash panels that are supposed to look like antique pressed tin etc, but didn't like them at all.

Thin sheets of stainless steel maybe? applied with construction glue? Ripping out the backsplash wall/tile isn't an option, we would like a quick coverup if possible.

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Why isn't ripping it out an option?

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Holly- Kay

There is a fairly recent post about stainless steel back splash in a diamond pattern. It is lovely and quite affordable. The ss is also available with no pattern and also a few other patterns. The post should be on the first 3 to 4 pages here on GW. I wrote the web site down as I am keeping it for future reference. It is at home though and I won't be home until this evening.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

You can use epoxy paint, mixed in a color to match the counter. It won't be completely smooth, but probably easier to clean, since the grout will be covered, too. Relatively inexpensive, and easy to change.

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Sophie Wheeler

Removing it and replacing the tile is a relatively easy DIY project. Even if it damages the drywall and you have to replace it instead of patching it. It's not really that hard. And it's a cheap project to DIY.

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Unfortunately, health/mobility issues rule out any DIY projects for either of us. :-(

Which means extra $$$ to have a contractor and/or tile guy do a ripout/replacement in addition to what he is already going to have to do. Living on a fixed income really enforces a budget. The floor replacement is a must because knee and back issues mandate having a resilient flooring instead of the tile that's currently there. The existing stove is being sold in "as is" condition and doesn't work properly. We're getting a credit at closing because of that, which is the reason we'll be able to upgrade to an induction range.

Holly-kay, I'd love that backsplash web page info when you are able to find it, thanks!

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