Keys to Self-esteem

kayjonesNovember 6, 2003

After breaking up with someone we love, we tend to blame ourselves. Since meeting and spending hours with my new friend, I am assured it was not entirely my fault. I felt compelled to pass some of my comfort on to others who might need to regain some Self-esteem. I am listing, below, some steps that you may find of value:

Dare to take a risk again - just remember to take SAFE risks.

Stop the negative Self-image. Building Self-esteem is a process, not developed overnight.

Stop trying to fool your real SELF - you can't do it.

Stop putting yourself down.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Get involved in activities you love.

Be true to YOURSELF.

Accept praise and say "thank you" - believe you deserve it.

Say "I am a valuable and lovable person and I deserve the best in my life" - say it 20 times a day to yourself.

Associate with supportive and positive people.

Make a list of your past successes.

List your positive qualities and read them often.

Start giving more of yourself to those around you.

Respect yourself first.

Most importantly, when you are alone, appreciate the person you are with - YOURSELF.

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The following words of wisdom were part of a 'personals' ad from a man in his 50s - it really impressed me, and has helped in a multitude of situations, including a relationship break-up.

"I don't care if you have a Past, as long as you don't live in it."

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Finding Happiness:

H - Optimize your HEALTH potential.
A - Adjust your ATTITUDE to a more positive frame.
P - PERSONAL FRIENDS need to be chosen wisely.
P - PERSONAL CHOICES need to be directed toward your goals.
Y - YOU ARE UNIQUE. Honor your own special potential.

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I like these. I've had a self-esteem problem for a long time, which has negatively affected different parts of my life.

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If you need to talk, just email me. I can feel your pain.

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My husband seems to think my problem has its roots with my family. I'm in partial agreement with that, although I can't pin a specific incident down. I've had a problem for as long as I can remember, but my husband at times makes me feel worse (which I think has roots with his mother). I can't seem to snap out of it. I'm in menopause, which doesn't help either. I've been evaluating my life lately, and have been coming up short. So many things I would have done over again.

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I have had self esteem issues of some sort since I was a small kid - and I know WHY, but I can't blame it on anyone - my dad was an alcoholic and my mother was bi-polar - so it is a genetic issue. I can only try to overcome it and recognize when it rears it's ugly head.

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