Miele vacume power hose repair

nimelaNovember 30, 2010

Finally figured it out. My miele vacume kept shutting down and a new hose is in the range of $180.00. Before you buy you can easily fix it yourself. First remove the small screws in the head of the hose. (put in a bowl...do not lose) "Gently" pry the two pieces of the head apart. I used a eyeglasses screw drive to insert between the pieces. You will see a contact board with raised dots. Mine was covered with dust. I used a white sock to gently wipe, reassembled and viola...fixed...in 15 minutes w/o the cost of the hose and the repair fee.

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Good to know. I love Miele vacs although I'm a central vac person now (roughin/install) but I did have one in the past, and it was great.

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Thankyou. I was too gentle when I removed the screw. You said to pry the front end apart, a little more than I normally use force. (I have learned that I can kill anything.) That allowed me remove the top part, then to press down the two snaps and remove the ring and the hose so I could remove the blockage in the nozzle. Picture of the nozzle and the perfume cap:

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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