Company X-mas parties, and other X-mas functions

mariaoceanNovember 15, 2006

How do any of you singles here on the forum like the thought of attending a work X-mas party? Would you go alone, would you go at all? Mine is on the night of December 8th, and I am not going to go. I used to like going to dressy X-mas parties for work even went alone most of the times I attended, when I was in my 30's, but these days, I just don't feel comfortable at the thought of it. Thankfully, no one at work pressures me about it. They all seem to respect my privacy about it. I am going to be home with a cup of hot chocolate enjoying my tree...

So how does anyone else here feel about these kinds of functions??

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Sorry to reply to my own post, but I forgot to add about the part of my subject, "other X-mas functions." Sometimes, during this time of year, there can be too many invitations for me to keep up with, example, last year, there was a birthday party, and two open houses from friends, all in the same day. I ended up going to none of them. But I did go to an all women potluck for the season, last year. Do you get inundated, (relatively speaking) with open houses, parties, etc. And do you go to all of them or pass on some of them? This is for the second part of my question on the subject line.

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I agree Maria. I won't go to my office Christmas party. Why spend social time with people I don't really enjoy working with? (I work for a major law firm - nuff said!) As for social event, I pick and choose. We have a lot of family birthdays in November, so I'm pretty pooped out!


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I can relate very well to this question. We are having our xmas party Dec. 9th and really feel like I should attend but really don't want to. I too work for a law firm(25years)

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I can understand not attending a work party because you feel you spend all day with these people so why go and spend even more time with them but I don't think just because you going alone is any reason not to go.

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I look at work parties as part of the job. If your boss invited you to his house for dinner, you wouldn't refuse, right? I go, make my rounds with the staff and any clients we may have in attendance, have a cocktail and a few appetizers and head home after about an hour or two.

Although I like my work, I do not consider my coworkers "friends". And I would never take a significant other, even if I had one. As I said, I consider these events extensions of work, not part of my social life.

As to too many invitations? Heck yeah. But I decided a few years ago that I would limit myself to five parties in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is one work party and one fun party each week. If I am having a particularly stressful week, I will just not stay at the party very long.

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Agree with cindyb va -- "part of the job". Also agree with her about, basically, just putting in an appearance. If you can get away with it. If you're talking about about clients and/or other over-arching considerations that are part of all that, it becomes a more important consideration.

My personal time is precious to me. So are my friends. Some balance must be struck but I decide. If I did/attended everything everyone wanted me to I wouldn't have time to breathe. One has to set priorities.

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I always attend work Christmas parties alone. Except one year I took a date who was about 25 and worked in another department. That was when I was 63. We had a lot of fun. I always enjoy parties whether I have an escort or am alone. I am a talker.

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