Heading into the holidays.

centralcacyclistNovember 21, 2005

This can be a tough time for a lot of singles, especially those who are far from or estranged from immediate family. I was talking to a gentleman friend who was feeling blue last night. Wouldn't talk about the issue much but I expect the prospect of facing another batch of holidays as the orphan guest was part of the issue. And his marriage anniversary just passed and he never had children, double sorrow.

What do you do about the holidays? I enjoy being with my kids and don't think too much about being alone. Even New Year's Eve seems fun with them. I'm a sleepy head anyway!

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Oh this is my absolutely my least favorite time of the year. Looking forward to January 2nd.


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We have a big family get together at my niece's for Christmas. My side of the family.
His side of the family used to be very close until his mother died. Then, it got harder and harder to get together for holidays, and so we just quit. So, I don't miss being with them.

My oldest son is taking me out on a dinner cruise for Thanksgiving this year. I'm sooooooooooo excited!!! I get to get dressed up, have wine, and people wait on me. Yippee!
My younger son is in the Navy, and is stationed in another state. He just got back from Iraq, and boy do I miss him like crazy. But, he has his wife, and his little girl, and hopefully he is making NEW traditions. (He just called me tonight to tell me he made E5!! I'm so proud of him!)
Right now, I'm staying in a travel trailer, so I'll miss decorating for Christmas, and there's no oven, so I'll really miss baking cookies. I'm thinking of hijacking my sister's kitchen for a day or so. LoL (like she'll mind cookies! ha!)

Never really did much for New Years anyway, so I don't mind.


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One down, two to go! I might have a New Year's Eve engagement but I'm not holding my breath. And then there is also my 50 birthday on January 8th, just when everyone else is completely OVER the idea of celebration.

Pulling the hole in after myself,

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My best tip is to not be influenced by the peer pressure of our materialistic, over consuming, mass merchandised society. One of my best holiday coping stragegies is I don't have a TV. If I'm not going somewhere or with someone I just treat it like any other night at home, go to bed early, so what, it's just a day. I've been to some MISERABLE New Year's Eve parties. What I like about the holidays is I have time off work. This gives me the opportunity to do some fun things that I want to do, spend time the way I want to spend it. So I try and plan things like that. I've gone on skiing trips, visited friends, done projects around the house, traveled to be with friends overseas, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. To me, that's a celebration. Don't judge your holiday by anyone elses' standards, that's the best secret I think. It's when you start comparing yourself to other people that the seeds of discontent grow. The other thing is to set yourself up for unhapiness by having a lot of unrealistic expectations. Like feeling sad that you don't have grandkids to spoil over the holidays, when all the while there are needy kids out there you could be volunteering to help. Folks in Pakistan don't even have shelter this time of year. Organize a New Year's fundraiser for them if you're feeling sad and lonely this time of year, I guaruntee it will make you feel better. Lonliness is our great teacher, or so I read once in some book.

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