not to many singles posting

luvorganicNovember 3, 2006

I have been single for 21 years and i'm getting used to it I live in the country with my dogs and raise goats and enjoylife although i do get lonely sometimes like in the fall time.I live on a hill with lots of beutiful scenery [tennessee]thats enough to cheer up any body up in there right mind. well enough said. hope to hear from or read about other singles'just curious

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Hi, I am new here, but now that I am posting, you can add one more single to your list.
Sounds like you have a lovely spot in the Tennessee hills there. I live in a semi-rural area. I guess it would actually be considered rural by some standards, but it seems like there are a lot of people for it to be truly rural.
I like the fall of the year. That is when the earth is getting ready for her rest through the winter so she can give birth to new life come Spring. Heck, I even like the wintertime, too. Of course it does not get so very cold in mid SC, hardly ever snows any.

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Probably because there aren't too many single people left in the world. They're an endangered species from mounting pressure from meddling parents desirous of grandbrats.

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I am not single, I am in limbo. I married at 18 and have been married 48 years and if I am ever single, I will stay that way. I have never been on my own and am enjoying it. I would love to have my husband heathy and at home, that won't happen so I have to make the best of a bad situation.

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Hi, I'm brand new here. I have never married.(I'm 43) I doubt I'll ever find anyone to marry. The older I get, the harder it is finding single women without huge amounts of baggage. I enjoy being single(sure, I dream that someday I'll find someone), but I've grown accustomed to doing things alone....movies, gym workouts, dining out, walks in nature with my dogs. I'm just now starting to cook for myself. I used to live off sandwiches and fast food. I have just gotten into crock pot meals. I've read some interesting topics so far. I hope to become a familiar name around here.

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Hello everyone, I am fairly new to this forum. I am widowed for five years now, so I guess that makes me single too. I'm turning 60 next week. I've grown accustomed to living alone and being alone. For the first time in my life, I'm not so and so's daughter or so and so's wife or mother or or or... It took a long while for me to find out who I am and I kinda like me. My life may seem boring to younger folks but I'm so dog gone busy all the time, it makes me wonder how did I ever keep up in the past. Of course, I'm only as busy as I choose to be.

Choices. I make all of most of my own choices now. I have a small apartment and it's done up kind of girly. Not really, but it screams me me me.. but that's okay. I happen to be the one living here. I cook if I want to and just graze if I don't feel like cooking.. Living single really isn't so bad..


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Hmmm ... yes, there seems to be a preponderance of marrieds though ... kinda was under the impression that this is a singles forum but have noticed that there are a LOT of married folks posting either new or follow-up posts. So what's my point, if any? Well, I s'pose it would be why would I want to sift through all the threads/posts to find an interesting post from a single? Answer: I wouldn't ... so I don't ...

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I posted above about being in limbo, I am now officially single. My husband passed away in April. He had alzheimer's and I looked after him for 4 years.

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I'm so sorry Jonesy about your loss. Four years can be horrific. I remember in the months following the death of my husband that I would tell myself, 'these days too will pass' I know it sounds trite but it is true.


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I'm another one of those single, never married ones. I just turned 44 - gosh that seems old. I've come to the realization that I will never have children and would just like someone to share my life with. Right now, it's just me and Callie.


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Mimi, Michael is single and near your age - you two need to explore possibilities!

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I'm new on here also, but have have an idea. I live in zone 8 and we have the club called The Sierra Club in CA. You get to have spin-offs like birding, bikeing, water sports etc, for a small fee each year. I also belong to a "road crew" bunch of people in our local club because we get out and pick up trash to help with the "beauty" of the county. I live in the country in No. CA, and I like to see the HWY cleaned up. Yes we have one HWY in the county, it runs for 7 miles...the rest are 2 lane roads. There is a singles meeting in our local chapter but have never been to that.
Best of luck. Carol

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the best decision I made recently was to purchase a home in a patio development. 95% seniors living here and over 50% of those are women. Lots of friends and most of the women smile and welcome you when someone knocks on their door. I lunch out 4 or 5 times a week, we shop after we lunch, weds we go to a neighboring town to take advantage of Goody's senior day. I haven't had friends like these since high school.

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