Help! safety hazard! Door opens on heater.

fossilnutNovember 11, 2008

I'd appreciate some suggestions.

My little cabin in NE Washington only had electric heat. In order to be prepared for any Winter power outages, I added a propane wall heater on the only vacant piece of wall I had. But my hall closet door opens right onto the heater creating a safety hazard. I thought I'd kept aware of it but the other day, I left the door open and it got a little blackened before I smelled it.

I don't want this to happen again! I would love some suggestions. I'm toying with looking for an automatic door closer (if they make them for interior wood doors). For now, I'm sticking with electric heat and saving the propane for emergencies.

Thanks for your help.


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Is the door open only 90 degrees when it contacts the heater? Or is it open 180 degrees and it contacts the heater? If it is open 180 deg. and it contacts the heater,then you can use the door stops on the hinge pins. If it only opens 90 degrees and contacts the heater, I would switch the door to a bifold.

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Is there a reason that you can not rehang the door to open to the other side??

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Look for "hinge pin door closer" on the internet, about $6.50 each.

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I have the hinge example Joed gave on a closet door that would crash into another door. It works great, you adjust the screw on the bumper on the frame side and it stops the door from opening further.

Sandy asked about an automatic door closer though. Sandy what you are looking for is a Spring Assist Hinge. They are normally only used for fire doors. By code I have one on the door to my attached garage. The trunk of my car is 5 steps from the door, after about a month I pulled the adjustment pin so the darn door would stay open while unloading groceries. LOL

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Thanks for your help. The door opens 90 degrees to the heater and both the door and heater are @8-9" from their common corner. I can't believe that I'd never even thought of changing the opening of the door to the other side. That might be the best solution but I'll be heading into town shopping next week and will take a look at all the options. Thanks again for your help.


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