touch & sew troubles

kingwillardJuly 27, 2010

I'm using an old touch and sew my mom bought in the late sixties or early seventies. First, I can't get the push butoon on the bobbin to go up or down. Second, I seem to be able to thread the machine but when the pedal is pushed sometimes it will move the needle up and down and sometines not. Third, I can't seem to get the knee lever down. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I would go to Google and type in Singer Touch N Sew machine problems. You should have a lot of help pop up.

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That sounds like it needs a trip to have it repaired. This isn't normal stuff. Has it been oiled at all? Might just be all dried up and frozen. Try oiling it really well, everywhere it needs it, then hold a blow dryer to it to warm it up.

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