Pattern weights or pins

jenni_caJuly 12, 2009

Do you use pins or pattern weights when you cut out patterns?

I haven't used pins in years. Don't like them, I tend to move pattern pieces around alot. The pattern weights I found in the store are, for the most part, just to big. I sew for my baby granddaughter and the pattern pieces are small.

My solution was a trip to the hardware store for washers! Just plain old washers. Covered them with scrap fabric and they are working perfect. They are plenty heavy enough to hold things down but easily moved.

Simple to make and look cute too!

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I also use washers. I never thought to cover them though. What a great idea!

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Great idea!
Kathy G in MI

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I have a sewing friend who made weights from old jeans...she made small squares and filled them with dried beans and sewed a button in the middle of each...she says they work great and don't cost the $15.00 for 8 small weights the fabric store was charging.

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Ms. Jenni, you are just tooooooo smart and those are just pretty cute!! I use a combination of things and for bigger weights to hold the fabric at the end of the table, I use glass insulators off the old electric poles :^) They are a perfect weight and easy to pick up and put down or push around on the fabric!
Good to see you here...have a good rest of the week!

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well I am going to imitate you, thanks for a great idea

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Great idea! Now can you tell us how you covered them?

(I'm still using pins, but would love to make some of these.)


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FlamingO in AR

Those are so cute and practical and fun, Jenni!

Teresa- it looks like she wrapped them with strips of fabric and then probably glued the raw edge down.

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Flamingo that is exactly what I did! I wouldn't even know how else to do them.
Pretty simple really.

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