What can you do with a yard of material?

rob333July 20, 2007

I have boxes and boxes of material people gave to me because I sew and they don't any more. I'd consider it vintage and wouldn't really do anything with the materials, such as recover my couch or make a dress, etc. The patterns are funky and fun, but not my taste. I thought about making and selling jewelry rolls or vintage style aprons... but what can you think of to do with all styles of fabric?

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There is lots of vintage fabric sold on eBay. A yard is plenty to make something for a child. Throw pillow covers, doll clothes, napkins, cafe curtains, rag rugs, quilts...

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I don't want to sell the material because that would mean setting up an account and then having to mail the stuff, etc., thanks though! I was thinking in terms of fun projects with which to play. So the list so far is:

jewelry roll
doll clothes
cafe curtains

Rag rugs and quilts don't count, because I want each project to use one yard of material. I actually found free patterns for a wrist purse (scraps) and tie bags (3/4 yard) which are really cute on Butterick. Projects which don't use any notions except thread are a plus!

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pillow cases
chair seat pads
sit-upons to use in lawn furniture or on stadium seats
car seat covers
receiving blanket type covers
Mother's privacy covers for breast feeding
decorative table squares
tote bags
padded coathanger covers
make up bags for traveling
shoe covers for traveling
dish towels
decorative trim on bath towels
toilet lid covers to match
kleenex box covers to match
gift bags, with ribbon ties at the top
bar-b-q aprons for guys
hot pads
table mats for hot dishes
oval hot mitts for use at the microwave
scented mug mats
potpourri bags

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I like the vintage apron idea..with the bits do matching pot holders to use up the fabric. Look at the pillowcase dress idea as well......you could make some of those quite easily with your fabric yard. I like the idea of simple sundresses the kind that lap over the back .....for toddlers.....you could make a matching little triangle head square with a bit of the leftover and or even a sun hat and little tote for a total look..... don't forget if you made say a size 2/3 dress and had cheap little flip flops decorated with some leftover scrap (this involves tieing some precut lengths of fabric onto the strap very close together) well those would sell. find an easy few step pattern and make a few for a trial. That is what I'd do. Budster.

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Small bags.

Rice socks: make a rectangle, open on one side. Fill with rice and a few drops of scented oil. Sew closed. You heat it in the microwave and it is a great pain relief thing.

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children's clothing
bag with elastic at both ends to hold plastic shopping bags in your closet
crazy quilt

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I can make pillowcases in 15 minutes on my serger. You could even make some a travel pillow size and get more than one out of a yard. You can make the case a print and the border a coordinating solid. I cut my pillowcases 27" long by the width of the fabric minus cutting off the selvage edges. The border I cut 7" wide by the width of fabric (also minus the edges) and fold it in half, press, sew onto one end of the case. Then I sew the side seam and the end seam. Secure the thread ends, turn right side out, and press - you're done.


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Curling iron covers!
Kathy G in MI

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Wristlets (they're all the rage right now).

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Bean bags - and these might be really appreciated at your local elementary school. I use pinto beans and 6" squares of fabric.

Scarves - not necessarily the kind to wear, but 18"x22" of fabric that kids can use to whirl in the air and have fun with.

Both of these could be used by the local elementary Music or elementary PE teachers, or special ed teachers.


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rosewind - what is a wristlet?

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Quilter love vintage fabric. In fact, my guild has a vintage fabric bee.

Try ebay if you want to sell it. If you want to donate it, try Linus (new, handmade blankets for children in the hospital or in crisis) a church group or a group that sews for our vet hospitals.

Good luck,

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Make a bunch of lined bags w/inexpensive nylon handles &clean up at the next craft show in your area. Or mail to me so I can do the same!

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What CAN'T you do with a yard of material is the REAL question?
Here's just a few ideas, I bet you can add to the list!

- Mix & match with other fabric to make ANYTHING!
- Sew a sleeveless or short sleeve shirt
- Sew a simple skirt
- Sew a shrug
- Sew a pair of shorts
- Sew a child's dress
- Sew a child's shirt & shorts
- Sew a purse
- Sew check book covers
- Sew a table runner
- Sew a Hat
- Sew a Belt
- Sew a Vest
- Sew a sun-suit for child or bikini for adult
- Mix it with a check, poka-dot or stripe of the same color & make anything
- Use it for trim, or a collar
- make your own Bias Tape
- Hem sides & use as a receiving blanket
- sew several Babies Bibs.
- Quilting
- Cut on the bias & use for sew-on chenille
- Cover Buttons
- Aprons
- Sew neck warmers (fill with grain)
- Sew eye covers (fill with buckwheat)
- Sew wine cover bags & tiny draw-string bags
- Sew a jewelry or make-up travel case
- Sew a window valance
- Sew a stuffed animal
- Sew doll clothes
- Use as one side of fabric to sew crib bumpers
- Sew a scarf or kerchief
- Sew scrunchies for hair
- Sew stadium cushions
- Sew throw or bed pillows

- Sew a T-shirt
- Sew a pair of below-the-knee leggings
- Sew a shrug
- Sew a Dickey
- Sew a Hat

- Cover your light-switch plates with white glue & fabric
- Use it as wrapping paper for a special gift
- use it as a drawer liner
- cover a small waste paper basket
- Make a tote to carry your fabric, yarn or groceries
- Make a mobile
- Cover a lamp shade
- sew window blinds
- Make a cover for your sewing machine
- Make a bulletin board
- Use for scrap booking
- make greeting cards
- Cover Cans & make a desk set
- Cover backing-board & make a desk Blotter.
- Over-dye & use for any of the above
- Make Puppets
- make fabric flowers
- weave strips into place mats
- Rip on grain & make a fabric basket
- Make Christmas ornaments etc.
- Cover baretts & plastic bracelets
- Braid pretty strips of fabric into long hair
- Tear into strips & crochet a throw Rug
- Cover books or binders
- Matt photos

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http://gemini53.typepad.com/my_weblog/ my crafts here not selling anything
You can make an ironing board covers pin cushions wallets purses book covers skirts slippers

Here is a link that might be useful: craft magazine

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I don't know of any one thing you can do with a yard of fabric which would be good for all fabrics.

Perhaps shopping bags for the dress and pants weight non-stretchy fabrics? Those aren't fussy about pattern and style. Our grocery store gives a five cent rebate for each shopping bag we bring in ourselves, so your one yard fabrics might save you some money if your grocery store did the same thing.

Currently, I'm making shorts with chunks of one yard fabrics although soon I'll make up a few more shopping bags, too.

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