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carolssisJuly 20, 2014

I'm not sure if I know the proper way to use a seam ripper. I have 2 curtains I made that I want to take apart as they're not sewn right. I'm afraid of tearing the material as I want to use it again. I used a white muslin on one side, and a cotton denim look material on the other. Not sure how to use the seam ripper without destroying the white muslin. It will be much harder to tear as it's much heavier and tighter woven. I would really appreciate any help. I have little knowledge of sewing. TIA.

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Try this...on the seam side that the needle sewed, slip your ripper under every 3 or 4 stitches and cut the stitch thread all along the length of the seam.Then go to the back side...the bobbin side, try pulling the thread. With a little patience and manipulation, the seam can be undone easily---and no danger of the ripper cutting your fabric.

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Yup,just follow dancingirls directions and you should be ok.Hope you didn't make your stitches too small.

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Yes, the stitches are pretty small. But, that's all relative. Thanks for the response. cross your fingers for me.

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There are so many ways to use a seam ripper. All of them are right--as long as they work.

I third the motion of using the seam ripper on one side (not slipping it between the layers), and snipping every now and then.

I've discovered only very recently that in *some* instances (w/ firm, dense fabric), I can use the ball end of the seam ripper to "lead" the cutting, since it pushes the cloth apart, and zip rapidly along the seam. Doesn't work with everything, and it's safest in short doses, and it's important to lay the work flat on the work surface. But it worked incredibly well when I was removing the hem of napkins (in order to sew on trim).

Sometimes I have trouble slipping the tip of the ripper through from a flat side (say, the fabric is loosely woven, and I keep catching fabric thread instead of sewing thread).
Then I "reveal" the sewing threads by tugging the layers gently apart; that buys me room to slip the point between the layers and cut through a single thread. This then loosens the stitches enough to make the second "between the layers" snip easier. And on down the seam.

Again--it's really about what works.

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