A dedicated forum for energy saving.

lonewolf20November 15, 2009

A forum dedicated to energy conservation would be totaly cool. I try to find info on insulating and energy savings and it seems I have to go to different forums and the search brings up stuff thats not even close to what I'm looking for. So what do you say? Everyone wants to conserve!

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That idea makes a lot of sense. Why not propose it to GardenWeb (see link below)? Several of us got them to add a new Forum a while back in Gardening, so I know it is something that is possible. Hopefully, other members will add on their endorsements by posting to this thread, and that would demonstrate to the GardenWeb folks that this would be a useful addition. Ok...here's vote number 1!

Here is a link that might be useful: Contact GardenWeb

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This is a renewable forum, an overall energy conservation forum would be nice!

Here is a link that might be useful: renewable energy

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I'd be in, if we can get it going.

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I think it would be great. There are many tips and tricks to home sealing/insulating that would be nice to have one place in the forum to look for them.

There is still a large part of the population that does not realize how much money can be saved with a few cans of spray foam and a few tubes of caulk. A dozen unsealed recessed lights even insulation contact models leak a bunch of air, on mine it was 5-7 cfm each. Cheap bathroom fans with baffles that don't close can leak a bunch of air. Ductwork that isn't sealed with brush on mastic do or will eventually leak like crazy.

There was some really shoddy work done during the last building boom and tens of thousands of homes leak air like they have a window open, or in some cases two open.

My house was built in 2006 and was scanned with a thermal imaging camera a year ago and all of the vents and registers along with recessed lights and bathroom fans checked with a CFM hood. The results were sickening. When you spend hours sealing things that would have taken minutes to do while the house was being built it really becomes disturbing. The upside is the more I do the more my electric bill drops and best of all the more comfortable the house is.

There is some buzz going on about a 'cash for caulkers' program that would make this an even busier topic.

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