Love is a FOUR-letter word - what is it - how do you 'find' it?

kayjonesNovember 17, 2003

I thought this would be a controversial topic - everyone has a personal definition - yet it can't be put into words. What does it mean to YOU? For me "love" means:

L= listen to your mate

O= open up-verbalize your thoughts

V= validate your mate

E= enjoy your mate

To define it, for me, is impossible - believe me, I thought I knew what love was with each and every relationship. I have begun a strong friendship with a wonderful man and find the dynamics to be entirely different!

I would say that if it gives you warm and fuzzy feelings when everything is going well and feels like a knife thru your heart when things are going bad, it is probably love. If it is selfish, exploitive and manipulative it's lust.

If it soft and warm, makes you feel secure and complete, it is probably love. Love "just happens" - lust is a planned event. If your mate leaves you hungry and thirsty for more time with him/her, it's probably love. If your mate only thinks of you at 'certain' times and not all the time, it's probably lust.

All I can I say is, if you think it's love, hold on tight and be prepared for a WILD ride!

I would like to hear other's responses on this elusive subject, so I hope you won't be shy - you are among friends - let's hear what YOU think.

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By being patient and not working to hard to insure that you find it, it will come into your life when you least expect knocking your self out in search of it, you will sometimes meet so many dissapointments that you tend to give having contentment with yourself and realizing that as long as you are patient, the right person WILL come along eventually.
I agree with all your signs of love that you listed above...Right now I am at the stage where she is on my mind constantly, to the point of distracting my daily tasks and has me watching the clock so that I can get home and spend my time with it love?'s it lust? no, there is too much other in common for me to consider that.

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Carrie B

Just thought I'd put a link to Bob Dylan's "Love is Just..." lyrics below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Love is Just a Four Letter Word, lyrics

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Thanks for the link to the song lyrics Carrie - had no idea there was such a song! I am glad Bob agrees that love is just a 'four letter word'. LOL

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That's a good one I recall, at that period in his life Dylan was indeed searching for answers...he had been through the drug addiction and had lost a lot and found God...he doesn't have the best voice in the world...(hell probably doesn't have the best voice in the singles forum is a safe bet)....but he is a poet in his own manor and my daughter shakes her head when she comes in and hears me playing his CD's.."What do you see in him, Dad??"...heh

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Umm, no, not really. You see, LUST is a 4-letter word. Limerance is what you feel when you first fall in love. But it's not love. Love is a decision. It's a choice that is also an emotion. Love is what happens when you get through the first 2 years or so of strong emotions and if you're lucky, real lucky, you choose to love each other.

Love is what you choose to feel, if respect and trust are the foundations of your relationship, and if you truly enjoy each other's company. Love is what you feel when you realize the other person has a few warts but also has lots of good qualtities, and you know your life is so much better with that person in it.

The way I look at it - I'm working to get independent and to enjoy my new life as a single person. When I've accomplished a few important goals I'll start dating. There is someone or even a few someones out there for me. And, when I'm ready, I'll meet up with them.

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