Painting exterior

crystalgeorgiaNovember 2, 2009

We are planning to paint our exterior which is stucco

our house is 2 storey. most of the house is easily accessible except a small 2 window in front above garage.

is this too difficult a job to get ourselves into?

we do all jobs around the house and finished painting indoors

what kind of ladder does one get? and what problems do expect doing exterior ?

any help.. thanks in advance

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What kind of stucco is on your exterior and what is the climate type where you live?

Traditional cementious based stucco shouldn't be painted in areas that have high humidity/wetter climates. It might be okay in the dry of the desert, (where we currently live, mojave desert), but I advise against it even here. The reason is that traditional stucco "breathes" and allows moisture in and out. When moisture collects behind the top coat it is absorbed into the brown/scratch coats and when built up severe enough, is caught by the underlayment, flashings, drainage planes referred as lath. The top coat being breathable allows the moisture to be able to dry as well. By painting over it, you are blocking the breathability of it and allowing moisture to build up behind and not dry out, which can lead to the underlayments eventually failing causing rot to the framing members, possible mold concerns, weakining the brown/scratch coats, etc.

If you have these conditions and traditional stucco, your best bet is to scrape smooth the top coat if you have texture, and re-top coat with the desired color mixed in with the top coat. There are many colors available, but you might consider a pro to apply as it is a learned/practiced application. Getting estimates from stucco contractors in your area will give you an idea of costs, and they can advise your project concerning filling any serious voids/cracking in the existing before top coats, which will be included in their bid.

If you have an older home with the old painted hard coat type of stucco, then you can for sure re-paint. Prep, as always is the key to a succesful project and I would suggest you research on how to fill voids/cracks, scraping loose materials, trenching down below your finished grade around the perimeter, etc.

Here's a link to the infamous,"might as well", Bob Vila with an article on stucco that might help.

Here is a link that might be useful: stucco re-coat

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I live in georgia close to SC.

I did get to talk to a few contractors and estimates seem reasonable.

maybe we might not do the work and give it to be done.... still not sure

thanks for the input
will check that link too.

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