I need a box temp.

OklahomaSeptember 18, 2005

Please don't get mad, i really didnt know where to post.......

.....I have a baby shower this next Saturday and I just remembered a party favor 'thing' I seen a few years back at a church event. I would LOVE to make one...

So, I though if i could find the box temp. that looks like a tapering carrot or cone shape i would have it made!

(I think i got it off here a year or so ago but my other computer crasher and took it down in flames with it!!!

(and if you put 24 of them together they will make a pie/cake)

Let me say 'THANK YOU" in advance for your help - for I know it takes time to help someone that you dont have to!

Have a Nice Day,


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Here are a few sites you can try. I hope you find what you are looking for.


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