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PatSeptember 16, 2001

Hi, can anyone tell me how to put my photos on a CD so that they can be played on a DVD player.


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I am not so sure that it works that easily. Just recently we did a "picture show" for my brother's wedding. We scanned in a bunch of the photos and then had to purchase software for teh computer to put them in a format to edit it, add music and then play on Real Player. I am telling you all of that because I thought it would cool to put it on a VHS to watch on TV. That turned out to be another series of complicated events. I know that there are businesses out there who do such services but the question is how much do you want to pay to have it done? Have you tried with your local Walmart or even Ritz Camera stores and see ehat they say?

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Thanks for your reply. I think I'll have to put them on a CD then take them somewhere (have yet research where) and have them put in DVD format. Which software did you buy for the editing.

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In order to use a DVD to display photo's on your tv you will need a DVD burner. There is software that will allow you to connect your pc to your computer, or there are devices that will use a data file burned on a regular cd to display photos.

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