Voice recorders

skye158398September 6, 2001

Does anyone know where I can find these? The talking picture frame was such a hit with my son's grandma, and I have heard there are little ones you can add to scrapbook pages. I think they look like the musical buttons add to cards. Please let me know where I can find these!

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Hi Skye,

I saw these on the QVC website. They are called Memory Button Recording Devices. You get 2 for a total of $30.72. Just go to QVC.com and do a search for Scrapbooking.


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I bought a couple of these from a scrapbooking store near me...haven't used them yet, but they looked like they had some possiblities. I was concerned that the weight of the pages might trigger them, but I guess they have a thingee you can put in them so that they only talk when you want them to...$l5.00 is about right for the cost.

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Has anyone tried these? I couldn't find them at QVC. I think it would be great if they work and I can find some.

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