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garystpaulJuly 10, 2009

Just did a search on Babylock, the one I'm thinking about, but didn't see anything too recent. Are folks still enthusiastic about the BL Imagine and Evolve machines? The latter has 8 spool capacity. What would you use that for? Any advice appreciated. GaryStPaul

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The Babylock Imagines and Evolves are unique. They have jet air threading for the loopers. There are no tension discs to adjust, they doesn't use discs, except for the chain looper thread on the Evolve. Both of these features are excellent. The chain looper is only used when doing the cover stitch and the chain stitch.

I do not have any experience with the newer decorative "wave" feature that some Babylock models have. I do not see a practical use for it, but it is pretty.

I would use all eight threads decoratively. I can not think of a practical use for eight threads at once.

FYI, I have some limited experience selling Babylock machines from several years ago.

What type of sewing do you wish to use the serger for? Knowing what you will use it for will definitely help you choose a serger. If you have a strong aversion to, or lack of patience for, adjusting tensions and threading loopers, then the Babylock Imagine or Evolve is definitely your best choice.

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Debs3, thanks for the useful information; much appreciated. I just now had a dealer demonstrate the Evolve to me and it certainly is impressive, especially the jet air threading, as you mentioned. I use the rolled edge a lot and this machine did a great job with that also. Having only worked on the HV 910, I'm a little nervous about the lack of tension discs, if, say, you wanted to tighten the edge or whatever. This seemed to be possible with the dial adjuster (below and to the right of the presser foot). On the other hand, with the HV (or any other machine, I suppose) I'd never just start serging without doing a sample first. The gal at the dealership assured me that would no longer be necessary.

I mostly use a serger for finishing off tablecloths, runners, napkins, baby blankets, and the like, but am interested in expanding into the more decorative possibilities available on a machine like this. I'm not interested in getting a separate machine just for coverstitch.

Are there any drawbacks you can think of (other than the price, of course)?


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I have the Baby lock imagine and love it. It's easy to thread, you don't need to worry about tension and always sews perfectly. I sew for other people and have used almost every type of fabric on it. I would highly recomend it to anyone. It's a great machine.


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Thanks, Bonnie. That's a great recommendation. Gary

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You are most welcome.

Gary, I think for home deco you would be extremely happy with the Evolve.

The only difficulty I encountered was crossing over seams, especially on knits. (I was making a t-shirt.) In the area of a crossed seam, it did not give me a straight seam line and the looper threads hung off the edge. (Mind you, I get perfectionistic about certain things.) I think this is due to a combination of the wide presser foot, the large hole in the needle plate, and the design of the presser foot. It is possible they have changed something since the last time I used one, but I do not think so. The best, not perfect, work around I found was to place stiff tear-away stabilizer under the seam to be serged over. It is not fun removing the stabilizer after stitching. You could take some of your fabric, already seamed, and test it at the dealer. The softer the hand of the fabric the more challenging it will be. You could try a knit fabric also, even though it is not usually used for home dec. I would certainly be curious about your experiences crossing over seams. This would not keep me from recommended it for the type of sewing you are doing.

If you are most interested in decorative stitching I think the Evolve or the Imagine are the best choice. The way the "automatic thread delivery system" handles decorative threads is superior to tension discs. It has to be unbeatable with ribbon floss. The amount of thread delivered for a stitch is mechanically adjusted for when you change any of the stitch settings and by the thickness of the fabric. It is a wonderful system. I also think it is the best serger for the type of sewing you are doing, especially with decorative thread.

I understand being nervous about not having the tensions to adjust, but you will not need them. There is also that little over ride dial you mentioned just in case you want the loops tighter or looser along the cut edge.

Concerning the rolled hem, there is no way to fiddle with it. I would suggest that you take some of your own fabric, that you would typically do a rolled edge on, and see if it makes you happy. I think you will be. If you have some Polyarn or Woolly Nylon, take that with you also, it may make a difference.

When I go shopping for a machine, I enter with a shopping bag of things to test with, even thread and scissors.

Just for info on me, I have these sergers: Bernette 334 DS, Elna 925 DCX and an Evolve BLE8.

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I have the Babylock Imagine Wave and just love it. I had never had a serger and found a deal to good to pass up on Craigslist. Now I wonder how in the world I have sewn for so many years without a serger. Never having adjusted tension on a serger before I don't know how this is different, but I do know the Imagine is amazing, so easy to thread, set up for different stitches is a cinch, and cleaning is super easy too. I have used it for tablecloths, napkins, totes,purses, t-shirt hemming, clothes construction and more. My sister says I just look for ways to use my serger and I do, so much fun.
Hope this helps in your search.

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Thanks, Murphy (and deb3 again), very helpful. Sounds like just the machine for me. Look forward to sewing on it. G

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i am looking into a a serger by babylock. i am interested in the enlighten or evolution models. i want to pay a fair price but also am limited on funds. what is a fair price. does anyone know

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