What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

kayjonesNovember 20, 2004

I will cook for family at someone elses house. His family and mine will be there. I will take pumpkin pie, deviled eggs, and something else, I am sure. He is supplying the turkey and roasting it. I will make the bread stuffing on the side, as well as the gravy. He makes better mashed potatoes than I do, adds garlic - yum!

What will YOU be doing? Please don't spend it alone. If you have no one to share it with, please consider volunteering at a nursing home (helping feed residents) or a homeless shelter.

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Carrie B

On Thanksgiving itself, I'm going to BF's family's house. Monday, my agency is providing 200-300 Thanksgiving meals for our clients (many of them homeless). It will be a very busy day.

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Going to my parents house for a family dinner in the afternoon. I expect friends from the city to visit later in the evening and they may stay for a couple days. Thursday and Friday are holidays at work so there won't be any of that. I've been sick and will still be on medication so no drinking this year. Work gave me a turkey so the cats and I will have a small thanksgiving feast at home just for us.... Tuna loves turkey and all that kind of stuff.

For now I'm cleaning my house from end to end. Even washed my cats tonight...LOL. They are in less then a holiday mood at the moment. They look so pretty and fuzzy after a nice bath!

: )

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Not sure yet, the ex hasn't said if he wants the kids on Thanksgiving or not. He always waits till the last minute...so either I'm making dinner that day or a day or two before. I got asked to dinner with a friend and her family but don't feel comfortable going since she and her husband are the only ones I really know.

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My DS is cooking and my DD and DSIL are coming from L.A.
I have out of state company that may or may not join us.
I won't be cooking but will bring my Mom's orange goop dessert.

Friday and all next week off. WoooooHooooo!


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Carrie B

Well...BF's brother, the one whose house we were supposed to be going to for Thanksgiving, just caught his wife cheating on him. Their marriage is done. Thanksgiving's cancelled too...

On a bright note, my agency's Thanksgiving feast was a huge success!

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