Sewing room -- countertop height, ergonomics, etc.

senecagalJuly 3, 2009

We are in the process of planning/finishing a sewing room and are going to use a laminate countertop. Because I've had carpal tunnel, tendonitis and back problems, ergonomics are very important to me. I am short also, so raising a chair up high enough to work with standard countertop height leaves my feet dangling.

I had intended to go the easy, inexpensive route by just lowering the countertop to whatever height necessary to make the sewing machines at the right height for my elbows, but it just doesn't work. So, we think cut-outs (and building a sort of shelf for the machine to sit on) is the way to go for the different machines.

Has anyone done their own cut-outs for their machines in these countertops? If so, how did you support the machines themselves? My husband is certainly capable of doing the carpentry that would be involved, but we need some instruction or advice along this line.

Any photos or advice would be so greatly appreciated.

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Here's a link to a lot of how to's,i'm sure there is something there that fits your needs.

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kathi- I too have bad injuries- a broken neck, past broken back, so having the right comfort is important. Is there a way you could post the stie so I can click on it? When I try to copy the numbers/letters of the site I don't get any thing except 'error'.

Thank you.

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I did a search on Google and found several links on the subject. The search words I used are "sewing ergonomics".

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