light cabinets, dark countertops,pix please?

sheilaaus122May 4, 2008

I have a hard time visualizing this and did try the finished kitchen gallery, but thought I would ask for the possibly easy way.... can you share your photos of:

Light cabinets, dark countertop, stainless sink?

I am trying to decide on faucet finish. ( I do have orb hardware and white appliances).. I somehow don't think that orb faucet would work. I originally wanted just chrome, but now am wondering if stainless would better. Anyways, I am sure if you can post some photos it would be helpful. thanks.

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Here's one:

The countertop is a honed granite, don't know the variety.
The cabs are Omega Dynasty maple.


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Unstained mahogany, volga blue granite, stainless sink and faucet.

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Thank you this is helpful, though my cabinets are much lighter. It still helps me to see the dark countertops with the stainless sink.Still deliberating... this shows the lightness of the cabinets and a little peice of the orb hardware, and then the dark granite...thinking a stainless faucet kind of makes sense. I guessif I wewre going with a lighter granite I might think about the orb or chrome.But with the dark, I think stainless?

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I think the Silgranit sink would love fabulous with your colors. They have a new brown and a black. Lots of sizes and shapes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silgranit sinks

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Oh, that's a great idea inkycrab. A vote for the new brown Silgranit with ORB faucet.

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I think the ORB looks great with your cabinets and granite, and if the sink is stainless, it'll still be fine.

Wait... you already have a sink, and just need a faucet, or you are picking both? I just re-read the OP, and I think I'm confused.

FWIW, I had always assumed that only a SS faucet (or chrome) should go with a SS sink, but I have since seen ORB faucets with undermount SS sinks, and it looked fine. Seems that with the undermount sinks, it is just as important to match the faucet to the countertop as the sink.

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While I do think the silgranite sinks are gorgeous, I am comfortable with stainless and will actually be replacing the builder grade top mount stainless sink(hey its been 18 years now and actually no problems) with an undermount stainless sink with a slightly different configuration. (currently have equal double sinks, am going to get artisan 3221 supplied at a phenomenal price by fabricator...$185) Regardless of granite color, I would get new stainless sink and faucet. As you can tell, making decisions is not my favorite thing to do. So the sink is settled but I do need to decide on faucet. I am going to now do my little excel sheet to compare and contrast:). I will keep you posted and certainly check back here for opinion.

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I have light to medium maple cabinets, dark countertop and stainless steel appliances and sink:


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I don't have light cabinets, but I do have the same ORB hardware you have, and from what I can tell by your granite sample, I think I have the same granite also-Peacock Green? I have stainless sink and faucet and have posted my pictures for your reference. I think all of this works, no matter what combination you choose. The only thing that matters is the look you would like to live with-traditional, dramatic, etc. They're all neutrals. After all, it's not like you're choosing between purples and oranges!

Good Luck, Susan

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Susan - we do have the same pulls (though mine are strictly orb and I recall you sharing that yours had a slight coppery color which is beautiful). THe granite I am looking at is actually called sapphire blue or blue sapphire but it does have a very similar look to yours.
I think I now see that really,the stainless faucet or orb would both work great.
Thanks again everyone .

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Sheila, my DD has light cabs, UbaTuba granite, stainless appliances including the sink, and SS faucet. All the bathroom fixtures are ORB.

I've built a new home and all my fixtures are ORB also, except for the kitchen fixture which is SS. Another thing to consider is the hadness of your water. Hard water means faucets will 'collect' more minerals, and that isn't a pretty sight on a dark metal. IMO, SS is much easier to keep clean with hard water.

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We have unstained maple cabinets and Basalt Slate Formica countertops with brushed metal hardware and faucet.

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thanks everyone. I finally ordered- a stainless faucet. Delta Saxony. With the soap dispenser.
'''''here's hoping I'm happy with it.
(decisions do NOT come easy )

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I have ivory cabinets, black counters and SS sinks. My kitchen is in the FKB, but here are two pics:

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Here's my eight year old kitchen. Starting to look a little dated, but I think you can see how the colors work.

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Dear me kailuamom- I think your kitchen is quite attractive. Does that mean I have dated taste?

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Thanks! I think after doing a complete reno in the other house and then moving, I'm a bit jaded. I got to cook in my beautiful new kitchen only once.

Here it is - waaaaah

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They look lighter in this picture because all the lights are one, but in real life, they are a grey/black combination (Cambria Windsor quartz).

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