How long ago since your last date?

KathsgrdnNovember 21, 2004

I'm wondering if I'm the only person who hasn't dated in years?! I hear sometimes on tv or read in magazines that someone is single and hasn't dated in 2-3 that's a LONG time, and is very unusual and odd. Well, I haven't had a date since I told the ex to leave, 3 1/2 years ago! I only decided I wanted to date again about a year ago. Before that, I didn't care if I ever saw a man again. After trying on-line dating for a few months without one date, I gave up. I almost had a date but he backed out at the last minute.

I've talked with some older women co-workers too and a few of them don't even want another man in their lives after having been divorced. Kinda shocked me, one was about 39 and only had one date after her divorce and never again. She's now in her 50s! I'm wondering if I'm going to end up alone like them too.

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Too long to want to tell! Had some life changes, & a major move. Now I live somewhere where there aren't many available men, so I'll probably win the record soon;-)

Wow, the women you talked to must have had really bad marriages:-(

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To ask someone out and actually go out has not been in this century. I have had a few half-dates like breakfast with a co-worker or lunch and shopping with a female friend. When I was younger I had time but no money and now I have money but no time. By the time I have both I'll be a geezer and need a nurse not a date.

: )

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Erica, I think they did...well, not all of them. One woman was married three times and the first two were bad, last one, she just didn't love him and I guess married for the wrong reasons. The others were married one time, for a long time and found out they were being cheated on. Had a lying cheating husband too but I guess I'm over it now because I'm willing to try again. Not that I have any prospects. In fact,the only men who even look at me anymore are my elderly patients. LOL!

Bunnyman, at least you've gone out with the opposite sex! I haven't even done that.

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