SINGER Prelude8280... at Wallmart

decorgirl-06July 8, 2007


I am new to sewing.

Does anyone knows something about this sewing machine??

I bought it at Wallmart yesterday for 99.99 to start with small proyects. After I saw the DVD for the instructions I try to use it and sometimes does not work vey well.

Sometimes the handwheel is hard to move back and forward.

When I press the foot speed control it make noise or sound and it does not move.

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance

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I would not buy a Singer sewing machine. You are better off buying an old used machine than the new ones. Singer machines have gone downhill. Take it back and demand a refund. Try to go to a store that sells machine and try them out. If you can only afford a small amount, ask if they have anything used that they can sell you. Colleen

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Thanks very much colleenny.

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I agree with Colleenny, the current singer machines do not have the quality of the ones of yesterday.

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I agree 100%. My hubby bought me a new sewing machine many years ago at Sears. When I took it in to have it cleaned and checked out, the guy told me to not let this machine go. It said it is one of the better ones out because all the newer ones have so much plastic in them. I have found this to be so true. We bough our oldest daughter a used machione from a friend when she got out of college. paid $50.00 for it. She still is using it some 15 years later. our other daughter found one at a garage sale for $5.00 and it works great. The man told me to always pick up the msachine. it is the really heavy ones that are the good ones.

i still have my old machine from 40 years ago. I am tempted to take it to have it checked out. I know it is a good machine. Actually , we have 2 old ones. Sounds to me like they are worth more then the newer ones.

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If $100 is your budget limit, you are better off getting something in that price range from Sears. Sears will stand behind their products. Wal Mart is closing out their fabric and sewing departments. You have 45 days to return your purchase and get your money back. I'd do that as soon as possible. Singer went out of business a number of years ago. They sold the name and the machines are now made in Korea.

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I know you jammed the machine you bought--as a new sewer, you will probably jam it a few more times like we all did until we finally got our sewing notion in motion. You always move the handwheel towards you, rarely back. I think it started when you started to sew, you didn't have your thread tails all the way back to the back of the machine and started a bit short under the presser foot..beginning of seam is parallel to the back of the foot.

This is a good learning opportunity to learn how to remove the throat plate, take the bobbin out, clean out the rats nest in there, and rethread the machine with thread tails measuring at least all the way back to the other side of the machine under the presser foot. Then start slowly to make sure everything is working properly. This information is also in your machine manual.

Although you viewed the video, you still have to read the manual for lots of technical information to learn and practice from page 1 as a new sewer--you get sewing lessons of sorts in the process.

Get some basic sewing books from the library and start reading for information and find a sewing relative, neighbor or friend to help you. Sewing classes at the local fabric store, college or vo-ed school will help you tremendously.

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