What to put behind open shelves?

kathecMay 2, 2013

I have an alcove of open shelving in an odd nook in the corner of my kitchen. I am debating whether to back it with tile or bead board wallpaper.

If I go tile, it will be white subway - the same as the backsplash will be.

If I go bead board wallpaper, I would paint it the same color as my kitchen island. In the photo, the island is the color of the trim on the lowest shelf. I used some scrap pieces to give me an idea of what it will look like with a bit of color there.

What do you think?

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Without seeing the rest of your kitchen it's hard to say, but I'd go with the same beadboard that's on the ceiling painted as you suggest.

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I think I would just paint it the wall color rather than separate it out with a different treatment.

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How about a fun patterned wallpaper in a color you like?

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Circus Peanut

I suspect tile would be a lot easier to swipe clean with a damp cloth, and even scrub if necessary - wouldn't the wallpaper get grunge stuck in those little grooves over time, and be very difficult to clean?

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Bead board wallpaper is better option as it is easy to install.

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Sophie Wheeler

NO to the wallpaper. Just paint it the color of the cabinets. It doesn't need the "and" here. Restraint would work best. Especially since it appears to be a blind wall cabinet with the doors removed. An accent color would only emphasize that.

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I basically agree, although depending in the rest of the room, making this a little focal niche with paint or tile might be quite charming. You can have fun with it to see how you like it.

What strikes me is that bead board, which is a rather humble material, doesn't really go with the more elegant, front-parlor door style. It can look right on the ceiling, as if it were original to the plainer kitchens of the past and left there as the room continued to evolve to today, but I wouldn't deliberately spot it around. If it were on the wall originally, it'd have been floor to ceiling or partial height on much or most of the room.

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