baby socks and headbands

zzsladiesJuly 5, 2007


i have been lurking here in gardenweb for over a year, i make my rounds from the kitchen forums (current project) to pools, and sewing forums. i wanted to share an idea for new grandbabies! i have instantly become a "mam" in the last few months and since i have graduated from college, i have started sewing again for the first time in years, i have the summer off before starting grad school, and i have really enjoyed sewing. i have started making baby ashlynn socks and headbands. she does not appreciate them near as much as me or her mommy does,,,,, but i keep making them,, ha ha ha !

i am trying to post a pic of them, to give you all the idea of how to make them, and the instructions are below:

1. get a pair of cheap regular white infant bobby socks. the dollar store has them for 4 pair/$2.50. the nylon ones doesnt do near as good as the cotton blend ones.

2. get ruffled lace or ribbon. the size of the lace is left up for your preference. i use no smaller than an inch, for that WOW factor.

3. lay your socks on the table, toes touching. do not cuff them yet. you will be sewing one counterclock wise, and one clock wise, for the seams to be on the inside of the legs. you will sew the lace to the inside of the sock near the top. in order to find your starting point, with the toes still touching, you will start with the bottom layer of the sock in the middle. pull the sock as you sew, and that will ruffle the sock as you go. the harder you pull, the rufflier it will be...

for headbands, check with walmart, (only material store around me )(YEA! they are not discontinuing the craft dept!!) and choose decorative elestic. maeasure her head for fit, and cut leaving 2 inches extra for a one inch overlap to glue or sew.

you can make rosette with gathered lace or material depending on your tastes. i glue my headbands if at all possible. they are NOT washable but usually their heads grow so fast they dont get real dirty. use your imagination to decorate.

i cut the head bands off and keep the rosettes for new head bands or hairbows. if you are blessed with babies with hair then use velcro. ( our family has bald peeled onions for girls as a rule! :-( )

feel free to email me or leave me a reply here for further instructions if needed.

they are super easy and we have made them for over 20 years for all the girls in the family.

i hope these instructions are easy to understand, i have had the baby all day, and im zapped...

thanks and enjoy.


Here is a link that might be useful: baby socks and headbands

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Those are cute.You can also put what is called a "Lettuce" edge on socks just by stretching the top as you zig zag it.

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