please help!! singer sewing machine

kristyannJuly 27, 2009

I have a SINGER #4220 Sewing Machine.

It has been running fine for years until a few weeks ago when I went to Sew and the thread was not making a Stitch in the fabric.

So I put in a brand new Needle and completely rethreaded the machine, but when I tried to pick up the Bobbin thread it would not catch the bobbin thread at all and the needle was hitting the metal plate under the bobbin (this machine has a Horizontal Bobbin and Rotary Hook)

I did a lot of research on the internet and finally found someone who said that the Hook Timing was wrong and could be fixed easily and gave me instructions on how to fix the timing.

Well it took me forever but I finally got the machine apart and figured out how to move the metal Rotary Hook. After a few tries I got the hook to pick up the thread and carry it around and then I put the bobbin back in and on the first try it picked up the bobbin thread ( I tried it a few more times before I put the machine back together and every time it picked up the bobbin thread).

So I put the machine back together completely and put in a piece of fabric to try it out and THE FABRIC WILL NOT FEED THROUGH and when the presser foot is up the NEEDLE THREAD TENSION KNOB stays put but when I lower the presser foot the Tension Knob just falls to minus and is completely loose!!!!

I opened it back up and checked everything I don't see what is loose on the tension knob, the drop feed is Raised, I don't know what to do PLEASE HELP!!!!

I do not have $100.00 to have it repaired and I need to finish my dress!!! I have been sewing for over 15 years and never had something like this happen!!

If anyone could give me some help I would be so Thankful!!!!

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You adjusted something by mistake when you had it apart. Did you lower the feed dogs? Look at the needle plate are the teeth sticking up past the plate or level with it. The material won't feed through if the feed dogs are down. Look in your manual. It should have how to lower and raise the feed dogs. Whoops I reread your post again and they are up--well I don't know what to say

As for the tension--could you have disconnected the pressure foot rod from the tension somehow.

I don't think this is a home repair. I have had machines apart and I simply don't know. I really don't think it would be that much to take it in and have it repaired. If it worked fine before, it is just a matter of connecting things right.

Could you borrow or rent a machine to finish your dress?

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