We are single because:

kayjonesNovember 13, 2004

We are BORING! That's why we're SINGLE and why THIS FORUM has died! No wonder our lives have shot craps - we can't even converse among ourselves! We all have something in common, but can't keep a conversation going - BORING!!!!

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Yep - that's what my boyfriend indicated as we broke up last week. Guess he never figured I just tired of paying for every friggin thing we did from having an ice cream to a weekend at Hard Rock. Whatever.

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LOL joulesR4me! We wouldn't be so boring if our FRIENDS weren't so boring! This board needs the likes of Michael, aka tinman2, to keep things stirred up. I guess he must have found a partner who doesn't think he is boring. We need more Michaels in the dating world, don't you agree?

I guess it's time to stir some 'sh@*' - pis# some people off, or SOMETHING - to get some hearts pumping - what ya think?

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I've been waiting for this forum to find a pulse for some time now...

Maybe it's best to just give up?

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LOL! I just came here to read the posts, & was thinking how depressing it was here. No offense, but you all make it feel like there's no hope for single people. Maybe it's time to change the outlook from despair to hope...

Then again, maybe I'm Pollyanna;-) Seriously, it's a choice to be single. If you wanted someone that badly, you'd find them. However, being single can mean being strong enough to stand alone & not settle for someone who will make us unhappy - just to say we have someone.

Single does NOT mean loser!

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LOL Kayjones! I am partly to blame for this forum not going anywhere, I come here to read but see very little. However, I rarely post either!

I'm single because I've gotten older and no longer am I cute. The only men who think I am, are my elderly patients (I'm a nurse) ....only problem is they have dementia, cataracts, and other problems that make me doubt their judgement. LOL!

The men I am attracted to are all married. ) :

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Kathy, when you get our age, you WANT them not to see so good. We don't need them to remember anything but our birthday, and occasionally, where we live. I say GO FOR IT!

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Thats the way uha uha we like it.

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