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flymom65July 21, 2012

Thank you to all who responded to my last post about this tiny room. I have rematted the Audubon pictures and changed the arrangement. I hung the six horizontal pictures over the couch. Now I have to hang the four vertical pictures over the loveseat. My question is should I hang them in a close row of four or should I hang them with two on one row and the remaining two below? Please excuse the mess. The other suggestios did not fall on deaf ears. They have not yet been implemented, but I am getting there slowly. I will switch to floor lamps or taller table lamps and the lamp to the right of the loveseat is going to the trash. I am still searching for pillows but wanted to wait unti all the pictures were hung.

TIA! You are lifesavers!

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Suggest you cut out 4 pieces of paper the size of the finished framed pictures. Tape to the wall both ways and see which you prefer.

My gut is saying a row of 4 will look best.

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Okay, what about these?

Any other suggestions?

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Those look much better I think. I'm impressed with how quickly you made the change!

I prefer the second method. How would it look with the tops of the higher two at the same height as the tops of the horizontal pics, and the bottom of the lower two pics aligned with the bottom of the horizontal pics? Not sure if that would work or not, just a thought.

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I love the change with the mats. Any chance you could use just 3 horizontally and use the 4th somewhere else in your house? 4 seem too large with the loveseat, but 3 would be perfect, I think.

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If you want to use them all, I prefer #3, with the same centre line as the ones over the other sofa.

I'm not fond of the wavy line - seems too busy for me.
Four in a row horizontally appears too wide for the loveseat.

I agree that three horizontally would be the best.

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Three in a row and you're done.

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Annie Deighnaugh

3 in a row for sure. Gotta know when to edit....

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I would not put the four taller ones over the loveseat. I would hang those two over two on the empty wall facing the couch - where the fish (I think) is hanging now. That is a large wall space, and would be a great way to fill it without hanging the upper two too high, as you might over the loveseat. Gives those on the couch something nice to look at, too.

Then find a great mirror, perhaps something round or oval, for over the loveseat. It will reflect light from the window, but also avoid the sense of a 'waiting room' look with matching art over the two matching seating pieces.

I think this would be a stunner over your loveseat, hung horizontally:

dorgali mirror

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hi flymom,

I would put the four pictures as you showed in your first tape mock picture but I would place them so that they center along with the six on the other wall. They are too low in my opinion, but my eye likes symmetry. When you add a taller lamp in that corner the space will come together beautifully. Love the floor in that room btw :)

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les, I love, love, love the mirror but it's a little out of my price range. Maybe I can find a similar mirror for a price that fits my budget. Off to look!

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