Moisture barrier installation question for replacement siding

kooshballNovember 19, 2009

I will be replacing my ABTCO siding soon on one wall of my home with Hardi or Nichiha cement board. I plan to strip off any trim boards that are rotting and replace them as needed but by doing this the good ones will remain and will not get the moisture barrier under them; is this ok? Do I need to strip all trim and corner boards so that I can wrap the home with a continuous layer of moisture barrier?


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What kind of windows and trim? What kind of underlayment is there now?

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Current situation is as follows:
1x4 wood corner boards
1x?? wood trim that follows the roof pitch
wood windows today but this wall is getting all new fiberglass integrity windows when I replace the siding
GP sheathing; no moisture barrier

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If you replace the windows you will have to replace the trim and can add an air/weather barrier so I don't understand the problem.

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I was referring to the non-window trim like corner boards and the trim under the roof line.

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