Which moisture barrier to use for replacement siding

kooshballNovember 19, 2009

I will be replacing my ABTCO siding on the worst wall of my home soon with Hardi or Nichiha cement board. Both require a moisture barrier and I would like to know which one is best? There are Tyvek and Hardi's products which are nonwovens but there are also cheap woven options that are available as well; which are going to do the best job? Both Tyvek and Hardi's product only have a 10-year warranty but the siding on top of them has a 30-year or lifetime warranty; how will that work if the moisture barrier fails?


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The best plastic wraps are non-woven Tyvek, Typar and WeatherSmart. Avoid the woven perforated stuff; it leaks.

Don't be confused by the DuPont warranty. It is for the material itself and not the installation. The material warranty only protects you in case of a bad batch of Tyvek and then it only gives you some new Tyvek and you have to pay for the removal and reinstallation of your siding etc. If the Tyvek fails it should show up in the first 10 years.

The vinyl siding warranty is also usually only for the material discoloring, cracking, etc. and is probably pro-rated so it might not provide much protection late in the warranty period.

These warranties are rarely transferable and the manufacturers rely on the fact that homeowners typically live in a house an average of 5 years and their fallback position is that their product was not installed properly. Companies generally tailor their warranties to meet consumer expectations and enhance their advertising.

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