Preventing brad nailer dents

mabeldingeldine_gwNovember 12, 2012

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I have an inexpensive pneumatic brad nailer, which is has proved very handy for my DIY projects. One problem with it is the nailer can leave dents in the surface of the wood when using on pine for example. Does anyone have any suggestions for preventing these dents? I'm currently installing beadboard in my bathroom and would like to prevent any dents where I can't nail into the groove.

I suspect a more expensive nailer would prevent this, but as I don't use this tool to the point I'm willing to upgrade -- too many other needs in front.


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Apparently yours either did not come with a "soft shoe" or it has been lost. So you can devise one. However, it may cause you to have to increase the depth of nail penetration, to compensate for increased standoff distance created by the shoe.

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The "soft shoe" is a soft rubber tip that goes over the nail guide.

Increasing the depth by the thickness the tip adds to the nail guide and you end up flush again.

You should have at least one and a spare.

It WILL break in the middle of a job (Murphy never sleeps).

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Ha ha, Murphy and I are WELL acquainted. I will look for the soft shoe. Thanks so much for this helpful advice.

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If it is really 'off brand' you may have to make one up.

Sometimes another rand can be made to fit with a little work.

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