Reds2k104July 25, 2012

I am sewing bridesmaid's dresses for my daughter's wedding. Today while pressing the bodice of one dress a drop of sweat fell from my forehead and landed on the fabric and it has left a spot. The fabric is polyester crepe back satin. Any suggestions on removing the spot without having to clean the whole bodice. I have not started sewing the skirt yet so the bottom is still the raw edge. I never thought of needing to wear a sweatband when sewing before but it's been mighty HOT this summer!

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Not sure, but I'd try anything on a scrap first. So you need to sweat over a scrap :). I bet you're sweating bullets when you look at it, and your eyes are immediately drawn to that tiny spot.

I've been googling this & am a little surprised there's very little info on this. The best I could find was ehow (which I don't really trust so didn't link to) and a Good Housekeeping article. Their advice may work, but I would do this on scraps first in case it creates a bigger mess.

Do you have a Bedazzler? JK

Good luck,hope you're able to get it out or lessen it.

Here is a link that might be useful: GH spot removal tips

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Hah! Bedazzler! I know the problem isn't funny, but that was!

I have no suggestions any better than jomuir's, but let us know what happens.

As an aside, I made my dtr's gown and bridesmaids' dresses. I was excited to get started, so I made my 12 yo dtr's gown first. It was beautiful. The problem: She developed in the interim! Why did I think
she wouldn't in the year before the wedding? I had to insert gussets from scraps to make the dress fit. Ugh.

Good luck to you.

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Thanks guys, I looked online originally as well and there wasn't much, so I came here. I found another recommendation to try steam so I may just see if I can sweat on several scraps and try all the ideas I can get until something works! Then if I have to, I guess I'll have to buy a bedazzler!

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OK! I used a combination of ideas and the spot is gone! The steam method I read recommended boiling water on the stove but when I have a perfectly good Rowenta steamiron that shoots steam that seemed like a better idea. I didn't have a clean white towel so I used the butt of some clean thermal underwear and put the spot face down and pressed over it from the back (2 layers of fabric and 2 layers of lining.) Then I repeated steaming and pressing and finally misted it lightly with water and ironed it again and voila! I also said "Out, out damned spot!" Years ago when hospital laboratorians wore white uniforms I learned a similar method for removing blood spots and thought I'd share since as sewers we sometimes end up on the wrong side of the needle. If you put a terry washcloth on one side of the spot and push saline through from the other side the red blood cells stay intact and wash through without leaving a stain. If you use water the red cells burst and deposit the stain in the fibers. I haven't tried it but it I would think you could use contact lens solutions or saline nasal spray.

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well that's great news Red! What a relief.

And I've learned something new today. Hate blood spots when sewing, it's so often at the end when I do hand details that I stab myself. I'll def. try your tip next time it happens.

If you subscribe to any sewing mags, you should submit your tip, you could get a free treat if they publish it.

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I am very glad to hear this. And also the tip. Thanks!

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You NEVER put steam or heat on a spot... THEN you not only have a spot..BUT you very likely set that spot making it a permanent thing.

I often just take a very clean thin wash cloth, wet it and then wring it out very dry... put my finger in it.... gently wiping on that spot..and sort of brushing strokes working my way out... sort of "spreading it out wards" just lightly... until it's gone. so you don't leave a "ring effect around it" normally works...

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