Cost of new Patio Sliding Glass Doors! Oh no!

deejavuNovember 19, 2006

Hi all,

I just had major construction done to my house in order to make an apartment legal. Well, the new entrance is the sliding glass doors to this apartment and guess what? The ones that are installed now (Guardian) need to be reversed because the door that slides open goes straight to the kitchen cabinets and a person can't get in!

I had a professional come over to see if they could be reversed and he told me "no way". He said I have to buy new patio sliding glass doors and the cost would be $1800 including installation. I am just shocked. I spent most of my money on the construction and I did not expect this surprise.

I am wondering if I have any other options? I can't put a new door or entrance into this apartment because the way it's set up.

How I am supposed to rent it if a person can't get inside? I really don't know what to do.

Just anyone have any ideas? This professional window guy told me that "if" my existing doors were Anderson, they could be reversed, but because they are Guardian (old), they can not.

Please help,


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Where are you getting the name of the door as Guardian?

If the operating panel has plugs in the top rail, either on the face or on the edges, it's reversible.

Do you have a picture to share?


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You may or may not be getting the straight story, so pictures would be good. If it's really true that they can't easily be reversed, it may be possible to take the doors out, disassemble the frame, flip it 180 degrees, and reinstall it for a lot less than $1800.

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Hi Michael and kudzu9,

Thanks so much for answering me, I live alone and I do not understand this type of stuff. I got the name Guardian because that's what printed on the Doors in White.

I don't understand what operating plugs are? Forgive me about that.

I just took pictures, lots of them because both of you may see something that I do not.

Last time I had it rented, my previous tenant did reverse the doors but could not get the door to lock, so he put a chain on one side (he did lots of damage which was the reason I had to make it legal).

Now I have to figure out how to show you the pictures I took today (please excuse the mess).

Thanks again,

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Take a picture of both edges, lock side, of the top and bottom of the operating panel is all we need to see.


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Look between the glass panes and you will see a spacer. On the spacer is a date and maybe other info. Tell me what date is on it.

I'm thinking this is a Jeld-Wen Caradco patio door.


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Is anyone still reading this old thread?

I stumbled upon this thread while trying to figure out what kind of patio sliding door I have because I need to order a replacement handle set. From what I see in your pics, you and I have the exact same door, down to the # of screw holes in the operating panel where the handle set goes. There are no labels on my door either, except the name Guardian printed in white on the corner of each panel.

I checked out the Jeld-Wen Caradco connection but it seems those are only premium wood doors. Mine's vinyl.

I can't take the operating panel off myself, and I have no help to do so.

Anyone have any new thoughts? The door is only 5 years old, but the metal handle snapped right off the other day and I need to find a replacement. Home Depot generic sets are the wrong ones. (differently placed screw holes)

Thank you!


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