Simple questions for anyone......plz fill thanks

lewis26October 14, 2008

Hey, I am from Somerville Intermediate School doing a project about what is important to people in the world now. It could be family, religion, studys, fashion and more............

This survey could be for anybody, grandparents, singles, parents and even young adults. Note that the information will be completely anonymous.

Plz can answer these questions:

1: Gender....

2: Age.....if u dont want to, u can just put your age range eg. 50-60

3: Put your first and second choice of what u think is most important to you and a small explanation for why u chose it.

Thank you very much for helping

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Female, 50+
Country and Family, along with my personal belief in a higher power, are tops on my list. I think those are self-explanatory, and so are these:
Truth and honesty

Knowledge and Learning: My greatest fear is that I could become stagnant and stop growing.

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I don't know how to do it, but if a webmaster is looking, or if anyone else knows how to remove this please do so.

My guess is there is no Somerville Intermediate School who knows this Lewis.

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