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ChanOctober 15, 2003

What do you do when someone asks for your phone number and you don't want to give it out? In general, I don't enjoy being nasty (in fact, I have a VERY hard time saying no--to strangers, anyhow! LOL). How do I say no in a tactful way that won't hurt feelings?



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Carrie B

If it is possible, a white lie such as "my boyfriend/girlfriend will wonder why I'm giving my number out" could save the person's ego. You could also say, "I'm sorry, I think you're a really nice man/woman, but I don't feel comfortable giving you my number".

I would avoid the tricks that end up saving you in the moment, but ultimately hurt feelings, such as giving out a fake number or asking for his/her # and saying you'll call, when you know you won't.

Good luck,


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For businesses who don't really need my phone number, I just simply 'don't have a phone, sorry!'. For individuals, it's 'I have a protected number and only give it to those who need to know it'. Or 'I don't give my number to just anybody, you know!' with a laugh and a quick change of subject.

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I change it by one instead of 0548...I might say 0458....if called on could be a legit error....or not.
Linda C

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For businesses who ask for your number routinely, I just say no. (You could say you have an unlisted phone number.)

For people I meet, it depends on whether I'd like to talk to them again. If so, I give my business number or simply make plans to meet for coffee in a public place. If not, I just say, "Thanks, but I'd rather not."

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Memorize and give them the phone number of your local undertaker! Better yet -write it several times on a sheet of paper, keep it in your purse, and just nonchalantly tear a number off and give it to them.

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