tinman? are you there?

jessiecaroleOctober 21, 2004

where'd you go? I take a little vacation and you run off.

just teasing. Hope all is well. Come and tell us. I miss you.


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I spoke with Tinman by phone a few days ago and he is fine but has been taking an extended internet break, including emails. He promised me he wouldn't stay gone forever. I assured him he is much missed.

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I'm alive and kicking, just been totally snowed under between fall furnace startups and a new house that I have had dropped in my lap....I get home at night, eat and maybe watch TV and fall asleep in the easy chair....I see the light at the end of the tunnel and hope it's not a freight train coming at me. ;)
Barnmom, that was a pleasant surprise hearing from you, sorry I've been so slow to get back.

I'm leaving for Colorado tomorrow for the holiday and to do a few days of "recharging" of the old battery....I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll make a better effort to not make a stranger of myself...Take Care All and be safe if you are traveling over the holiday!!

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Good to "see" you, tinman. Have a good trip and come back soon. ~smile~ You have been missed.


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Michael, hopefully you are headed for a visit with the 'SANE' members of your family! LOl Say "Hi" to Larry, and Happy Thanksgiving! We really miss haggling with you here on the forums, so get some rest and come back safe and SANE! Hugs, Jo

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