gneegirlOctober 11, 2007

Hi All!!

Just shocking up the forum a little...

I'm not sure where everone is, but I live in MD and I tell you, the weather was pretty shocking today. I love this time of the year, but after 94 degrees the other day, it was literally COLD today. The wind must think it's March!! I'm thinking about snuggling up under my fuzzy throw and hybernating already! The hot chocolate feels sooooo good right now. Is it too early to turn on the heat??????

Just checking in and saying Hi!

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Hi gneegirl...

I'm near Tampa Florida and I'm still airconditioning 24/7. Looking forward to being able to open up and get some fresh air!

With any luck, I'll be in Denver this time next week. I'll probably freeze!

BTW - Hi back!


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Are you going skiing??? I hear they have started the winter season there. I may have to go to CO Springs next month and I don't ski - YIKES. My boss and I are going and she loves to ski. I heard that the ski lodge is a good place to meet someone - ya think??? I just hope I'm not in a cast!!

Have a good one!

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It seemed to become suddenly cold here but I'm enjoying being warm under my comforter, too.

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I'm looking forward to the cold. I'm working on a Saturday so I can take vacation next week. How warped is that?

Anyway, there's no A/C on the weekends and it's over 85 degrees in here!

Water, water, water


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The weather has been a sheer mix here. A little rain, enough to dull the fall colors. It's still warm enough for a heavy sweater when you go out. stopped using the a/c a few weeks ago. It's been a harrowing two weeks for me. Week before last the little old man that shared the entry with me died. And I helped his family clear out some things. His funeral, my cousins son was killed in a motor cycle accident. I went to his wake...

My ex brother in law was in the hospital and they wouldn't let him go home, only to assisted living, so my sister and two brother in laws spent an entire day moving and clearing his apartment. That evening two of the younger ones came and finished up for us.

I managed to hurt myself with all the lifting and lugging. So three trips to the chiropractor and one to my regular doctor, then on into another town for x-rays. Came out of there and my car was dead. Just under 700 bucks to fix that.

In the mean time this past week one sister had surgery on her shoulder (bone spurs) and I had to borrow a car to go tend to her pupper dogs... uggghhhh today after church, I'm supposed to go to still another sisters house and lay tile (glad it's stick on) on her bathroom floor.

And on the lighter side, last night I was invited to my nephews house for pizza and a movie..

I guess I don't have time to hyberante, and on top of that, my Mom still had to go here and there. and no, friends, I'm not complaining, just giving you a hint of how life goes for me up here in the Adirondacks...


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Hi Linda - sounds like you really do need a cozy comforter too!

No, you aren't complaining; with all of that going on, you do need to vent. I'm sorry that your family and friends are going through so much. I hope it gets for you better soon.

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Hello again, well, my one sister wasn't able to sleep that night, when I called to say had stuff packed up and on the way, she said, no, not today..... grrrrrrrrrrr.... oh well, life happens for her as well as for me... so I had a pretty lazy day..

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I can't wait until it turns cool/cold. I like to layer clothes, wear jackets and walk in the snow. I hate the heat. It's cool here in Kansas and I am sure some of my neighbors have their furnaces on. Me I turn on the fan at night and open a window. Love it.

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Could you send some cold air my way? I would move north if I could afford it. Personally, I can get warm in the Winter but can never get it cold enough in the Summer and it's Summer here almost year 'round.

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Hey Linda, you are having a time of it, sounds like. Glad you could have a lazy day.

Wouldn't it be nice to send hot and cold across the miles
:)... :)... :) Seems like those in cold areas want warm and those in warm want cold. It's been nice here the past few days - just my kinda weather. I was sitting in my car in the driveway this morning and had a scarry thought - I don't have a garage and remember the past 4 years shoveling my car!! I miss my 1.5 car carport from my other house!! I could wash my car in the rain - that was fun!!

Hope all is well with my single friends. I have a "gentleman friend" that doesn't know what he wants to do RE a relationship. We've been friends for years and years and years, so I'm OK with that. I keep telling him that he just isn't in to me, be he says otherwise. He just doesn't want a fluffy relationship - been there before. He's very respectful and all, and is really a great friend aside from the non-commit. He's not even dating anyone else. He's been out of town since Friday and won't be back until Sunday. Today is a day when I wish he was around - just tired, I guess. It would be nice to have company. Other than that, all is well on my end.

Have a good one!

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