How do I fix wall to re-install curtain rod?

skubamanNovember 14, 2013

I was looking something up and fell, ended up holding the curtain rod and almost completely pulled it off the wall.

It came off the wall in 3 points, but all in different ways. One bracket had one screw broken. So the head of the screw is broken and the rest remains in the wall with the anchor. And the other screw came out but anchor remains.
On a second bracket, the screw and anchor came out.

There is a 3rd bracket that has not come off and is in good condition attached to the wall.

What's the best way to fix it and re-attach the brackets? Do I need to completely remove the screw and anchors, close the hole and make new holes? Will I have to repair this wholes but move and replace all 3 brackets?

One observation, this is a plaster wall.

I really appreciate your feedback.


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It's been my expereince that it's diffcult to restore the pull out strength at the same location once it's been damaged like that. If you installation can tolerate it, it's best to set new anchors in an undamaged part of the wall (at least a couple of inches away from these holes).

That being said, you can try to use oversize wall anchors and grip the existing holes or you can fill them and put new anchors in. If you're holding up heavy drapes it could prove frustrating.

If you opt for new anchors, and the old holes re covered by the drapes, then IMHO you only have tor repair the old holes if knowing they exist bothers you as they won't be seen under normal circumstances.

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Hi sdello, thanks for the message. I was able to replace one of the screws with a hollow wall anchor. Seems to have worked and I already installed one of the 2 brackets. I am now having trouble with the other one. The hole became too large to hold the head of the hollow wall anchor.

The drapes are not very heavy. I would prefer to not have to make new holes in new position and cover the existing ones.

Do you have any suggestion for dealing with the hole that is too wide and still be able to use it, possibly with the hollow wall anchor?


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Were the previous screws just set directly into the wall? You might try some anchors with a plastic insert. I can't tell from your photo if the top hole already has an insert in it.

You could also fill the existing hole with 5 minute epoxy. Let it cure overnight and set in either a new screw or a hollow wall anchor. If you go with this method, I'd suggest drilling a pilot hole in the cured epoxy before setting a srew in it. My 0.02. good luck

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Hi sdello, thanks for the message. There was a screw with plastic anchor and it came out enlarging the hole.

Do you recommend that I fill in the hole with the epoxy?


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If you want to go back in the exact same spot. I would think the epoxy would work. Alternately the proper size molly bolt (they have spring loaded wings, see the link). Might do it.

Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: molly bolt

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The first picture shows a center bracket. I would relocate that one to a stud.

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I don't think just filling the hole with something is a good, permanent fix. If you are locating it where you don't have a stud, use some type of molly bolt so that the hardware has something to bear against.

Here is a link that might be useful: Molly bolt images

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