Have you ever wondered...

quirkyquercusOctober 29, 2006

What if something goes down the wrong pipe and you start choking...

And there's nobody there to do the heimlich manuever?

Or what if you fall down the stairs or slip in the shower and hit your head?

I worry about this stuff and I guess I should find out if there is a significantly higher death rate from accidents for single people aged 30+. Can being single actually be deadly?

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I've thought about all those things, plus some. I just try to be very careful - make sure there's a non-slip mat in the shower - take small bites, chew thoroughly - hold onto handrail going up and down steps (don't have stairs) - always have your cell phone when working in the yard, also some pepper spray in your pocket and a big stick nearby just in case a stray dog wanders up and acts threatening - have a good neighbor who checks on you everyday.

Most of my outdoor work is inside a very large completely fenced yard and my dogs are always with me. When I need to work outside the fenced area I always take one of the large dogs with me.

I don't walk into wooded or heavy groundcover areas without knee high boots. I don't use power tools - if I need to saw a board I just do it with an old fashioned hand saw. Heavy repairs I hire done.

Just take whatever safety precautions you feel are needed and don't worry about it.

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I think we all wonder and worry some about becoming ill or having an accident. We just have to be as careful as we possibly can. Gerry, you have made some good points. You could also get one of those personal alarm things that you can press and it will call 911 or someone else you have programed into it. I'm sorry, I can't think of what they are called right now.

BTW, this is my first post here on the SL forum. I've been a loner for 11 years now. My niece is here right now, and has been since June, but she will be leaving the first of the coming year, so it will be back to being alone again.

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I'm not ready for those "I've fallen & can't get up"Â things just yet!

Last saturday I was trimming some pictures I had printed out and raised my hand quickly and accidently sliced diagonally thru my index finger and started bleeding profusely all over the place. It was a deep cut and very gross how you could see all the way into the finger and to the nail. It didn't even hurt but I didn't know how to handle the situation though. I wasn't sure if I needed stitches or if I should go to the emergency room. Like millions of other Americans, I don't have health insurance so it would cost me big bucks. This was on a sat nite so I'd be waiting there for hours. So I didn't go. I just sat here wrapping paper towels over it. Never in a million years would I think such an accident could occur with a paper trimmer. The cut is on the crinkle in the finger so if bent the finger it would start bleeding again. This went on for a couple of days. I'm still wondering if I should get it looked at.

Point is, no matter how careful you are, accidents can happen and it's more difficult to figure out what to do when you're alone in such a situation.

 From an early 1990's commercial for Life Alert

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OUCH!!@%! Hope you're taking care of that injury. You probably did need stitches. If you insist on chopping up your fingers, at least do it on a week day - then you could get stitches at a doctor's office at a fraction of what it would cost you at the hospital emergency room.

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Actually I might try getting my veterinaran to take a look at it to see if its healing ok! Hey I'm an animal? The sign says "animal hospital"!

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Would you be less careful if there was someone around you all the time? Stuff happens. People are injured and killed all the time whether alone or with someone close. You and I are surrounded by "risks" every moment of our lives only a very few of which are within our ability to control. If I spent my time identifying each and every one and worrying about them all I wouldn't have time for any other thought. I try not to be oblivious or do stupid things. Otherwise, I enjoy life and do what I want. When something happens I deal with it.

Like your finger....really should have someone look at that.

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How is your finger doing???

I would worry about infection. I am guessing that by now that you would be able to tell if it is healing well or not.

I always carry my cell phone on me - even in my bathrobe. Plus I am dangerously nearsighted so I wear my contacts anytime I am doing anything really physical. and if I am away from home I make sure that I have back up glasses or contacts because I would not be able to drive my self home other wise.

For out on the road I keep AAA road service. I don't want a stranger stopping to help me with my car. On the occasion that I have a flat tire I always refuse the help of passerby and just wait for AAA to take care of it.

For security I have my dog Dusty but he is 15 now and I am really stressing about what to do when he is gone. He was a rescue - as have been all of my dogs - but he has turned out to be the BEST security for me. I just don't know how I am going to replace him.

Years ago my back and legs gave out while I was alone on my farm. I used my arms to crawl to my pick-up that I had parked nearby, thank goodness, and used the cell phone to call a neighbor to come help me. That was scary and I'm not sure what I would have done if she had not been home.

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The pepper spray was a really good suggestion.
This past spring I went on a walk near a lake house I was renting. A VERY LARGE dog ran out from a neighboring yard and charged me. I stood very still and he stopped and just looked at me for a second - then he jumped up and bit my arm and took off!!

I was wearing a very heavy coat and sweater so he only ripped through the coat and I was not hurt. I called the police and other neighbors came out and told me that had happend before.

Now I am very leery about walking alone so I bought a treadmill and I use that at home.

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Just checking in to see if you're OK and no complications from your injury.

Hope everyone has a happy harvest feast.


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Hi, Just been reading all of your "Have you ever wondered......" responses. WOW, I guess I've really never thought about stuff happening to me because I'm alone. I've always tried to try new things, take a risk, etc. I've tried para-sailing, bungee-jumping, hand gliding, boogy-boarding (did I mention I can't swim). When my time comes, I'm ready. Until then I want to enjoy life. I think you can have fun doing just about anything. If you always worry about what if, it will always hold you back! Don't you think? You only live once.......


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I don't worry about anything happening while I am "home alone". If it happens it happens and I am not going to waste the time I have left worrying about it.

I wouldn't give up my walking because of a dog. I would use pepper spray or mace or something. Get a cattle prod.

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I had a friend in high school who was eating a donut and stepped in the shower. she choked to death. Her parents didn't realize at first. I never bring food in the bathroom for this reason.

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I never bring food in the bathroom, because it is a bathroom/toilet. :o)

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Okay quirkyquercus, I guess I should have knocked on wood when I told you that I don't worry about things happening to me because I'm alone. I kinda of see things in a different light now! You see, I fell down my basements steps thursday, March 8th. Went from top to bottom without my feet touching a step! Needless to say I was very lucky. I have bruises from head to toe, messed up my left arm, right hip and left knee really bad. I haven't missed any work but I am moving very slowly and not able to sleep at night. I don't think I'll change my life style any but now maybe I will be more cautious when I do stuff in the future.

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I guess there are certain rules that even folks who DON'T live alone should follow like not eating in the bathroom; not keeping loaded guns on the upper shelves in closets (had a friend killed that way, too), and one I'm becoming all too familiar with, don't let the kids leave their toys out on the floor (I'm always tripping over them as I become less and less agile).

Last year, I fell down the front steps and broke my foot. Fortunately, I was able to get up and walk inside to call my daughter. But, what if it had been my head?

I'm always falling in the garden, but at least the ground is soft..........tee hee. Still managed to bruise my tailbone which was painful for several weeks. But, so far, nothing truly serious.

I broke a glass washing dishes a couple of years ago. I know my neighbors, didn't have a bandage, so I went next door to get help with bandaging. I should have had it stitched up because the cuts were very deep and numerous, from swishing around the glass in the dishwater. I didn't know I had cut it until the water began to turn pink. However, I couldn't stand the thought of sitting in the ER for 3 hours waiting for stitches. I have several scars to show it.

I have broken my foot or sprained it at least 4 times in the last 4 years, but I say, never give up. I still get out and do the things I want to, and I always forget my phone. I have neighbors who are always around, so I guess I would just call out to them. I'm such a klutz!

At least I quit jumping off the deck after I broke my foot that way!

But, I see a butterfly when I'm sitting on the porch and I jump up to go check it out, and I'm like the kid who doesn't see the mud puddle and goes right through it. I have fallen on my steps at least 3 times now just forgetting they were there in my eagerness to get to the butterfly.

It is really hard to come to terms with the things you can no longer do. I know it intellectually, but my habit of action preceding thought has not yet sunk in.


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I would have to agree with you Susan! You don't have to live alone to be caught in a situation where you are alone and get hurt. I think menatlly I'm still young and can do anything, at least I still tell myself I can do anything!
But I am fast approaching my 50th birthday and having a hard time with the thought of being "old". I never really felt old until the past couple of weeks. I still do all the same things that I have done all my life. So will I just suddenly wake up one day a feel different?

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