Craftsman Keypad Re-Programming

hcook5224November 2, 2008

I have a Craftsman model 139.53675srt1 it has the inside panel attached by the door to the garage, the motor unit on the ceiling and the entry keypad outside. We also have two remotes. I have one of the remotes working, but can't get the keypad re-programmed. We don't have the old code either. I have searched and read blogs. I have tried several of the answers and NOTHING works. The keypad does not have a re-program button under the cover and the remote unit and the wall unit do not have a smart or learn button. We have tried hitting the reset and then entering the 4 digit code and hitting enter - just get flashing lights on the keypad. We have tried putting in the code and holding enter and then hitting the button on the motor NOTHING!!! Please someone tell me step by step how to reprogram the code for the keypad located on the outside of the door for this model.

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You will find the smart/learn button on the rear of the motor unit near where all those white wires go. Press and immediately release it and then walk over and key in a four digit code of your choice and press enter. If everything is still working this will do it for you. Make sure the battery is good in the keypad.

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If you decide it is a bad logic board and you think you might want to replace it yourself, I can tell you where NOT to buy it. I recently bought one from Ontario Supply in New York from their web site for $60. Unfortunately, it has turned out to be defective and they won't refund my purchase price even though I sent the defective unit back at my own cost. So, don't buy from them, they don't deal fairly in my opinion. I think you're best off just calling a local repair service and let them replace the board. If you replace the board yourself and it does not work, you're just going to end up calling a repair service anyway. Ontario Supply operates under the following web sites:


In my opinion, you should avoid this company

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