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monicatxJune 20, 2007

Hi: About three years ago, one son gave me this wonderful microwave heating bag for my sore back, neck, arm, you name it. It has been used a lot. When I took it out of the drawer a few days ago it looked so dirty I could not stand it. I have priced replacements, $20. and up. I decided to take it apart and wash the outside cover.

During my de-construction, I realized that it was made from a heavy duty sock fabric and it was filled with ???? Rice!! After I washed the sock and put it back together, I decided to look for some white heavy duty mens socks and make some for my family. It is about 15 inches long. The directions say to microwave for no longer than 2 minutes. I only use 1 1/2 minutes. If you decide to make one, you will love it. It feels sooooo good.

Just wanted to share a good product you can make inexpensively.

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I have also made small bags by sewing two all cotton white wash cloths together and filling with rice. Works very well for aa area where draping the tube sock would be more difficult.

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Thank you ladies....about how much rice do you put in the bags, and do you have just one opening, or are these in different cells with in the sock/washcloth?????
Sincere thanks for your help!!

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A friend gave me one years ago. I have made many of them. I simply use muslin as large as I want and then I make a flannel cover to go over the top and tie it shut. I simply take the cover off, toss it in the wash and place back on. I, too, use rice.. Just a reminder to all, never lay it on a wood surface when hot..

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Hi, In reply to Jaybird, the purchased bag that I have was filled with about 2 cups of plain rice and in a long cotton sport-type sock with the end sewed shut. I think you would want the rice to slide around so you could put in around a sore neck or shoulder.

By the way, I adopted a rescue 12 pound short haired dog about a year ago. Since I have health problems and keep my a/c set at 77 degrees, she was always cold. One day I just left the still warm heat bag on the couch and when I looked later she was wrapped around the heat bag. So cute. Now in the winter, I keep her warm with the heated bag wrapped in a dishtowel. She just loves it.

I like the long sock type myself, but I will probably try a few different kinds. Right now it's in the 90's, so I don't have to sew any today. Monica

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I make mine to fit where I want to use it. For instance, if I want it for my neck I make it long and narrow. Also buy the cheapest rice because it makes no difference.. I have used the same one for over a year. I made my grandkids one to warm up their beds at night time. Love taking it in the car in the winter, too. Tons of uses...

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You can also fill them with flax seed and lavendar. When warmed the smell helps you relax. I make satin eye pillows for friends and they love them.

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Thank you Monica!! and no, I don't think we need them in Texas today!!!! As hot as it is and as wet, the rice may COOK!!!! Yikes!!!!!!
Thnk you too Diane....I have the flax seed AND the lavendar...

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I place mine in a ziplock bag and keep it in the freezer door so it doesn't get buggy. I don't know why mine got buggy. I had to make a new one. Anyone have the answer?

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My niece keeps one of these bags in the freezer & one ready to heat if needed. I thought that was a great idea! Sure beats drippy bags of melting ice when you need a cold compress. I've made several, & need to make more, but the smallest is probably 2.5 x 2.5 inches. I have carpal tunnel & when my wrist was extremely irritated (my fault), this small size fit nicely under my wrist brace, and helped as I typed.

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try over on crafts and decorations - lots of ideas

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I use shelled field corn in mine. I don't like the way the rice smells. I have made tube shapes, pillow shapes, and a large square with channels sewn in, so the corn wouldn't all slide to the bottom when we used it on our backs. If I get chilled in bed, (thanks to freeze flashes instead of hot flashes in the winter) I take two of them to bed with me, one at my feet and one to snuggle, at the same time snuggling up against DH!!!!


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