Dating stories?? Best, worst, most embarrassing??

janet_ksOctober 8, 2003

How about a thread on dating stories?? For instance, describe the best date you've ever had. Or, the worst one (hopefully not too many of those). Any funny stories or embarrassing moments you can now look back on and laugh??

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I am sure I could tell a few, but just can't think of one right now. I just wanted to say that I am glad you posted, and to say "Hi" from Kansas City, Missouri!

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I haven't dated since 1986. I gratefully married my ex-husband so I wouldn't HAVE to date anymore!

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I had arranged to meet somebody for lunch. Our conversation was constantly interrupted by the ringing of his mobile phone, and when it wasn't ringing, he was making calls. To me, it seemed he was trying to impress me with the success of his business, saying things like 'offer him one mill, George!' and so on.

He impressed me, all right. With his extraordinarily bad manners. I calmly finished my meal, stood up, thanked him for it graciously, and with a final parthian shot 'I do hope you and your phone will have a long and happy life together', I walked away.

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Love it Daisy!

Best date was a guy who knew I was house sitting - called to tell me he'd bring dinner... takeout from a favorite restaurant, strawberries and champagne!

Woo hoo!

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"...and with a final parthian shot 'I do hope you and your phone will have a long and happy life together', I walked away. "

Absolutely classic Daisy!


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I love it too, Daisy. Oh gosh, cell phones are a pet peeve of mine. Even some of my friends have the cell phone permanently to attached their ears. It is annoying to schedule time to run around with a friend and she won't put her phone down! I could go by myself and actually have a better time.

My best date was with Robby, the ex-BIL of a friend. I had met him when he was married, and I told Teri that if Robby is ever not her BIL, to please let me know. Five years later, Robby called. We met at my house, where I had dinner waiting. And then I carried him out to the lake where we stayed for hours, chatting, walking hand in hand, and just enjoying a romantic, stress-free date. It was incredible! We dated for about a year. I refer to him as "the one that got away". LOL


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Casper, why on earth did you have to carry him to the lake? LOL I prefer a man who can walk on his own two legs! Do tell us how he 'got away' - and fear not, he will probably be available again some day - do you keep in touch?
I have never had an ex I felt 'got away' - he wasn't with me because I chased him off. Are you possibly romanticizing this guy? I am just being curious, not trying to be nosy.

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Sometimes you are glad that you threw them back, Casper....after I was divorced, I met up with a friend of my ex's that seemed to be a fantasy come true, as she felt the same.....when I found that she could drink a six pack of beer to my 1, it was time to throw her back...heh...I decided right then and there that I wasn't going to be finding the girl of my dreams in a bar

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