Wettern Washington Woman here .........

wannadancOctober 15, 2005

I just "found" you folks yesterday, and have already added commentary to prior threads. It then occurred to me that it would have been more polite to do a brief intro...........

Retired, divorced, country girl ........

My life today includes garden art, and keeping up w/ the weeds. I am SO glad to have the wet stuff back - it was a long dry summer here on the west (wet) side of WA state.

I share my space w/ my orange/white male cat, Dixon - or maybe it is more like he shares his space w/ me!!!!!!

I will return often to gain insight and wisdom from those who have been here longer............


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and welcome!

This forum is indeed filled with wisdom & compassion,
though it often is very sloooowwww.

I come here occasionally, & I guess I've been single for so long that I don't usually start a thread, but I do enjoy "hearing" other people's voices.

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Welcome Vicki!

From sunny - soon-to-be-rainy Florida!


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Hello there. I suppose I should ask if you like coffee. We've had quite a thread going for about the last year. :o)

Sorry I don't have much else to add. These days my head is full of wee wee pads and liver treats. lol


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So, Vicki.....you post and run, huh? LoL

Leave me sitting here, all alone.

In wettern Washington....LoL

And Karen....we're in WASHINGTON...the home of Starbucks.
Yep, I like coffee. Have my own espresso maker.


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LMAO - thanks for the kick in the arsenal - yeah, post and run is what happens, isn't it?????

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