got involved with an engaged man

panache04October 21, 2010

I know this is not a unique problem and i probably know the answer already but i just want to hear/read it myself....I was pursued by a man under the guise of wanting to be first it was just that, being friends but hes just a major flirt and i fell for it big time...he never kept it a secret that he was in a long distance relationship and he was going to propose to his the same time he was going out with me and being just difficult to resist, he was very sweet and caring and wanted to continue what we have(maybe because im lonely and just got out of a failed relationship)...i kept asking if what were doing was wrong, he said not to think about it too much...he even asked me to pick out an engagement ring for her girl, which is utterly heartbreaking for me...then i found out from him this happened before with him and the girl hes engaged now was in my position before...i have since distanced myself from him but its really hard and my heart breaks.....i know this is whats best for me...but im so hurting, how could a man be so cold, did he even actually care for me?....and i pity her fiance and feel so bad for what i did...

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The consistency is interesting. Always new member; always same style of user-name, punctuation, capitalization, sentence/paragraph structure (or lack thereof). There must be a member's club out there that gets off on this kind of thing.

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Which kind of thing are you referring to? The lack of capitalization, sentence and paragraph structure? Forgive the errors in my post. I just find the people here intelligent and level headed, people you normally want to be around with when you're almost off the edge. Thanks very much.

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"....probably know the answer already but i just want to hear/read it myself..."

Mission accomplished, then. Except......

"Answer" ? To what, exactly? If there was a question in there anywhere, guess I missed it. From what you wrote, I have no idea what you're seeking. Does anyone?

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Asolo, you are brilliant in your responses, AS USUAL!

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Joe brilliant thanks you....but doubts you.

On we gratitude, love, lust, and admiration for you included.

And my appetite for sarcasm undiminished.

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Embroider this on a sampler:

"Pursuit Is a Predatory Behavior".

Hang it on your wall & read it aloud at least twice a day.

Meanwhile, drop this creep like the bad-smelling garbage he is.

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Yo, Silvia, not to back off of my opinion that this is a nonsense post, but......

Except for the OP's using of the word "pursued" one time, I think the whole thing is pretty unclear. She even said he was up-front with her about ALL of this self-serving stupidness and SHE decided to stick around. No deception was mentioned. Now she's whining about it and feels so bad and wants a fan-club to help her feel justified, apparently....although I really have no idea what she wants. She volunteered to be crapped on and afterward she's discovered she doesn't like crap. I'm having a little trouble with my own sympathy-generator.

I know you've got axes to grind from previous experience (don't we all?) but this is a bit beyond, even for you, IMHO.

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Asolo, listen up! I DO enjoy your non-sensical responses - since our one and only argument, many years ago, I have learned you are a very smart person and I enjoy reading what you have to say - no sarcasm intended WHATSOEVER.

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You knew better when you started it.. What did you think people were going to say about it? Wrong is wrong.... Why didn't you think of the other lady when you first though of doing this?

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This guy is not very nice. Run far away. Run fast.

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Asolo, I wanted to clarify what I said in my last response: I meant to say I enjoy your no-nonsense replies.

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