Foam backed fabric - like for drapes?

marti8aJune 15, 2008

Maybe it's rubber backed, I don't know. Years ago it was hard to find packaged drapes that didn't have that on the back, and now I can't find any that does.

I don't really want the drapes, but just the material. I think it would make a nice tablecloth that would be water resistant for my dining table. I always get water rings on it & hate the vinyl liner I have now. It's stiff and doesn't let the cloth drape.

Does anyone know where I can find any of this fabric, drapes, or another option? I know they still make the stuff somewhere because the nicer paint drop cloths have it.

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check out this company


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Thanks Carolyn! I wish they had pricing on there. It sounds expensive.

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Hi; Go to Joann's Fabric and ask for under pad for a table. It is a quilted fabric and comes with and without a vinyl backing. It's usually 60" wide and you have them cut the length you need.


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Another option is to check out the thrift stores in your area. I recently purchased a pair for $1.50 that were like new. I'm removing the pinch pleats so I can make a casing for a regular curtain rod. I wanted the insulated ones to help block out the afternoon heat from a west-facing bedroom window.

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How about purchasing a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth and putting it under your good tablecloth?

JC Penney sells thermal drapes that have the backing you describe. Maybe the thrift stores have a panel or two.

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