Low-end DW? or KA Superba? (x-post)

Angie_DIYMay 29, 2013

Dear Kitchen Friends,

I humbly apologize, but I am cross-posting this inquiry that I posted on Appliances. KF receives, I think, quite a bit more traffic and my timeline is tight.

I am looking to buy a low-cost dishwasher to replace my elderly parents' failing DW, and I need to do this quickly as I am only here for a few days. They are really just looking for a basic DW that will clean reasonably well for less than $500. In fact, they would be much happier with suggestions in the $300-400 range. Quietness of operation and, unfortunately, expected longevity are not big concerns.

They presently have bisque appliances. Bisque is not an absolute requirement, but it would make it easier to "sell" the idea to them.

I checked Sears Outlet, and there is a bisque KA Superba KUDS30IXBT available at just over $500. I know the higher-end KAs enjoy a moderately good reputation here, but not sure about the Superba.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

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I know nothing about the superba. I would get the bisque as I'm thinking that they probably are not doing heavy cooking so the washing needs would be moderate. Probably most DWs would be ok. If why like bisque get that.

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