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mjmercerOctober 1, 2005

Below is a link to a little furry package would could quite possibly turn my life upside-down. And I cannot wait!

Emma is a rescue dog. She spent the first eight years of her life in a puppy mill, poor little girl. But she's been sprung and is now looking for a forever home. Emma is somewhat traumatized from her experiences -- and that's no surprise.

*I* have been looking for a little soul just like Emma, whom I could love and support with patience and gentle-ness. For me, it was love at first sight when I found her listing at Petfinders.

I e-mailed an application back to the shelter owner who rescued Emma. With luck, I'll get a firm response by the end of this weekend.

Cross your fingers for me, okay? Or pray, chant, light candles...whatever you do to incur good luck and positive results. I believe in the core of my soul that this little girl is supposed to come home with me.


Here is a link that might be useful: Meet Emma

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Well? I'm on pins and needles!

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Eileen, if you click on the link to Emma's page you'll note a new addition to the body copy:


I'm driving to St. Louis on Monday, Oct. 10, to pick her up. I passed the phone interview with the foster mom, who in turn gave me a glowing review to the woman who runs the rescue organization.

Karen, who is stocking up on Wee-Wee Pads! lol

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I once rescued a part Pom from a freeway median. She was injured, a tear in her side. Nursed back to health she became the most devoted little companion for my grandmother. Very sweet and loyal.

House train with lots of enthusiatic praise and treats! She'll get it.

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I have some extra wee wee pads! I'll mail them to ya!



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Photos please!

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Barbara, keep your Wee Wee Pads to yourself. lol Fact is, my neighbor down the hall wanted a dog. Bought everything -- and I mean EVerything this dog would ever need. And then the immigration laws changed in the British Virgin Islands. This changed everything because my friend spends every winter in the BVI and doggie was to accompany her.

Fast forward to last week. Friend heard that I was getting Emma. Friend offered to give me absolutely everything, including THREE BOXES of Wee Wee Pads! lolol

Sorry Eileen, no photos. I haven't had time to take any, and I don't belong to any of those Photobucket-y internet places where you can post them. But maybe Emma's bio page is still up. Great photos there.

Emma is home! Today started at 7:00 a.m. for me. A road trip to St. Louis, where I picked up Emma from her foster home. Then a return trip which took about six hours thanks to all those doggie potty breaks. lol But we're home now and both exhausted. Poor girl, she doesn't know what's going on and there's no way to explain it to her. She spent about an hour sniffing and circling the house, as if she were looking for her "real" family.

Well, my hope is that time will help Emma to accept me as her new "mom" and this place as her one-and-only home.

I'm just glad that I was lucky enough to find her. She's going to do as much good for me as I could possibly do for her.


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Great news Karen. I've been checking back to look for an update. Welcome home Emma!

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Karen - - how are you and Emma doing???

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I post at several Gardenweb forums and everybody wants to know how Emma is doing! lol So to save myself a case of carpal tunnel from typing and retyping, follow the link below for an update. In a nutshell, she grows happier and more confident every day, and she is an absolute joy.


Here is a link that might be useful: Emma

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