chintz problem

linda_joJune 29, 2012

Hello, I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me. I am an experienced sewer but haven't sewn for awhile. I am trying to decorate my home frugally and have realized my love for sewing again. I have a problem.

I acquired two shabby chic brand rose sheets from GW and I plan to make a duvet cover with them. They have a finish on them like chintz fabric. I attempted to sew them together and I have holes but no stitches! I re-threaded the top and bobbin, changed to a microtex needle, adjusted the tension and made sure there were no loose threads or dust in the bobbin chamber. What could it be? Please help if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

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Does the machine sew on other fabrics? I have not experienced your problem, and I never wash my fabrics before I sew them.

I hope you have already solved the problem.

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What kind of sewing machine are you using? Rethread the bobbin, making sure that the thread has caught in the tension guide....then watch to see if the upper thread catches on the hook of the bobbin...if possible. I too, hope you have already found the problem.

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You may have already found the problem but I'll answer anyway.

It seems to me that the needle is not catching the bobbin thread. You said you switched to a microtex needle but you didn't say what size. You need at least a 14 or even a 16 needle. Too fine a needle will not go through the material easily resulting in it not picking up the bobbin thread

Also check that the needle is placed correctly in the clamp

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Thanks to everyone that answered (or expressed concern!) dowlinggram thanks for the needle tip. When I get home from work I will check the needls size. You are right about the needle not catching the bobbin thread. It is so weird since I am using simply shabby chic SHEETS! I thought they would be easy to sew since they are 100% cotton. I just finished linen drapes and my machine sewed beautifully. go figure!

I will let you know if the size 16 needle works.

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dowlinggram, You were right! The fabric requires a size 16 needle! I was using a 14. Thank you sew (!) much. What a relief! Linda

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