where to start?

gma_jAugust 23, 2001

This fall I am committing to putting thiry plus years of pictures that are stored in boxes into various albums - one for each of my girls, various ones for vacations, one for relatives, husbands hunting pix, etc. etc. I went to a scrapbooking class and they suggested starting from right now and working backward. That makes sense - but, do any of you have any ideas for sorting the enormous amount of pictures I have in boxes? Also, since I know this a a big task, what kind of albums do all of you buy and what are the first supplies to stock up on. Thanks so much - I hope I can post next year at this time and at least have a big part of this project done. Thanks so much to all with advice for me.

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i would start by sitting down and sorting and organizing all my pics, there will be some that you wont want to put in there and some you may want reprints of sort by date, people, place whatever works best for you when i started i sorted by year then broke that down to apprx month and then went from there. the first thing i would stock up on is paper, adhesives and at least one fine point and a medium point acid free pen the details such as diecuts, stickers, etc can be added later good luck

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I would also divide the pictures into years. Just one note... don't get stressed out trying to do thirty years of scrapping in one year. I have a difficult time just keeping up from month to month!
You may choose to do some collages with the overwhelming number of pictures also. I have done that at the end of each year with the pictures I didn't use in layouts. There are just some pictures that don't work or fit on certain pages but you just don't want to get rid of them.

Most of all... enjoy yourself! One thing I love about scrapbooking is that I can relive memories through the pictures.

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I've been scrapping for ten years, and I started out by sorting all my pictures first. I didn't stress out on those old, old ones - those I sorted by decades because using the "work backwards" theory, I figured I may NEVER get to those! :-) If I do, I'll resort at that time. I sort by degrees. In other words, the oldest get sorted by decades, then newer ones but still rather ancient get sorted by year. Then as I actually get ready to do that year, I sort by event. I'm an organization freak, so I also sometimes sort events by pages, especially if I already have some ideas. The reason for that is, I was always tempted to stop and do a page when a brilliant idea struck during sorting. Good way to get sidetracked. I stopped giving in to that urge and started using 3x5 cards to write my "brilliant idea" on, including what stickers, die cuts, etc. I'm going to use. I also jot down anything I especially want to remember to journal. Then I file the card with the pictures. Sometimes it's several months or more before I get back to those pictures to actually do the page, but the memory jogger is there.

As far as "stocking up" you'll learn to resist the urge to buy every cute sticker or every color pen. If you're lucky enough to live relatively close to a store, just keep a running list as ideas occur to you. Over the years, I've learned that this saves scads of money, because you don't buy a whole bunch of stuff you think you might use but never do. If you get to a page and need something you don't have, just add the item to the list, use the 3x5 memory jogger card for that page, set it aside and go on to a new page.

Which brings us to what kind of book to use. I started out with the Creative Memory strap hinge books and love them. However, you have to pretty much work "in order" in them. If you use a post bound or ring binder type, using page protectors, you can do pages as inspiration strikes and put them in order later. You can also change the order of your pages at a later date if you find some more wayward pictures. (You'll want to use page protectors in any case, especially if you have little ones.)

Good luck. I hope you enjoy scrapping as much as I have. If I could give you just one hint, it would be do whatever you like. It's your book, and if a page pleases you, that's all that matters. If you don't feel like "following the rules" or if you want to make your own enhancements, do it. You'll have a unique book that shows your individuality that way.

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Sixteen years ago when I started I began by sorting into years as best I could. (I quickly bought a camera that puts dates on the pictures) Since I am a "photoholic" and can't live without a camera I have lots of extra pictures. Every year after Thanksgiving I start sorting my pics into 7 piles (one for each family member that gets a scrapbook for Christmas). Then I begin making scrapbooks for everyone (except me). The grandparents, aunts, and uncles get unique Christmas gifts, I have photos everywhere so even if my house burns, my memories are intact. Not everyone gets the same photos, I try to include only the ones of interest to the person getting the book. I used 3 ring books because it is easy to add this years to the back of last years for those who don't get a 50 page version. I have invested quite a bit of money into equipment over the years, but I have also given some unique gifts to some special family members.

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Perfect timing on this question. I, too, am looking to get my picture organized. Might have to wait until after the holiday tho unless I get all my "stuff" done early. I just get so overwhelmed looking at all my pictures, that I end up putting them all back in the box and stuffing back into the closet. Thanks for the push!!


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I'm about to begin too and one thing I'd like to know is how do you keep track of the negatives that go with the pictures in your album, especially if you mix pictures from different rolls of film? I'd rather not spend a lot of time searching for a negative if I want another print.

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